appbbs was an attempt to keep alive traditional forms of web interaction that do NOT capture personal information as compared to now almost ubiquitous social networks which fund their existence by capturing your personal data for marketing purposes. It uses PerlB for the message boards.


Complicated. No privacy. Censored.

Elaborate social network platforms require registration where your personal information is tracked and sold for marketing purposes. Many censor content when it runs contrary to their agendas.


Simple. Anonymous. Uncensored.

Message boards, group chat, image uploads, and a link database that are simple to use and do not require an account to participate.


This is a domain and site which currently needs a new owner. The JVLOG community still exists, but I am no longer active in it. Reply if interested.

video blog or video log, usually shortened to vlog /vlɒɡ/, is a form of blog for which the medium is video and is a form of web television popular on the video sharing platform YouTube.

JVlog refers to a community of video bloggers, known as vloggers, that live in Japan. The JVlog community is made up of foreign and Japanese nationals that make videos for YouTube. is a platform for aggregating Japan-related vlogs, but we also encourage content from other surrounding areas such as Korea, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, China, the Philippines, etc.


WebBBS was one of the first software applications for web-based forums written by Darryl Burgdorf in the ninties. He moved on to other things and over the years subsequent developers all abandoned it. I took the last version licensed under the Perl Artistic License and rewrote it to be HTML5 compliant. It is used for message boards on

PerlB (/pərl,bē/) is a modern rewrite of WebBBS, one of the first and most popular web applications for creating interactive discussion sites.

  • HTML5 compliant mobile friendly design.
  • No database required; messages stored as text files.
  • Threaded, chronological, alphabetical and guestbook-style indexes.
  • Optional email notification of new messages.
  • Anonymous posting, moderated posts, email required to post, profile required to post, etc.
  • Archive options.
  • Easily incorporates into existing websites.
  • Compatible with existing WebBBS and Tetra-WebBBS messages.

PerlB and WebBBS are copyrighted under the Perl Artistic License.