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A good day

Posted By Jamie
Date Sunday, 6 January 2019, at 10:00 p.m.

What a good day! We stayed outside and Mark fixed supper on the grill for the first time and our music man, Tim, came by and ate with us. He was our first guest!

I got to talk to our neighbor, Jamie, who is from Kingsport and it finally came up that we're from Clintwood. Well don'tcha know his mother-in-law is too! Small world.

I got so very tickled today when I was fanning with my church fan while wearing the peaceful AF t-shirt. The irony killed me!

Last night we ate at Mac Daddy's and I had my usual crab cakes, baked potato, green beans and coffee. I love eating there and watching all the kitties outside that have been rescued.

This place has a good vibe and I like doing random things like feeding the minners and birds, talking to people and watching for the boats to come in.

And this is the only place I've ever lived where I don't have to look up to see the sky. It's everywhere and that amazes me.

There are bales of cotton here like we have hay back home and water birds that amaze me every time I see them. And straight roads! Long and straight with pines lining either side. And I thought the flaky bark on a river Birch was something until I saw the palmettos with criss-crossed wood! It's gorgeous! And Spanish moss takes my breath. It looks like tree decorations.

Everybody eats rice and fish and everyone I talk to hasĀ  "the best catfish recipe" I've ever tasted but I'm going to try Mark's. He's a great cook.

I've got it figured out that I can grow a garden in flower pots and I want to grow catnip for Mattie and the neighborhood cats. Maybe some rosemary and thyme. I like those two with taters. And chives and lettuce and onions and maybe some flowers.

That's all.

I actually lectured the dogs today... like they got it. LOL!

"Shut the #$() up and quit acting like #$&@%+ inbred hillbilly hounds! Gitcher little asses in that camper! Look at everybody looking at you, fools!"

Good times... Y'all have a good night.

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