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Adams: Northern Virginia doesn't owe Southwest Virginia

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Date Monday, 7 January 2019, at 12:03 a.m.

By William Adams

Albert Einstein allegedly said doing the same thing over and over while expecting different results is the definition of insanity. Has anyone at The Roanoke Times taken a course in logic or are y’all stuck on stubborn with liberal socialist type illogic. The Roanoke Times editorial of Nov. 27 (“Is Virginia violating the 14th Amendment? One legal scholar thinks so”) just gives us more of the same nonsense with a different spin.

Northern Virginia does not owe us money to make our schools equal or better. We already get more than our fair share of money from the government. The problem your editorial writers have is that Northern Virginia spends more because they choose to tax themselves more to fund their schools, while PTAs and other groups contribute a lot more on top of that for frills that are not necessary. Our schools do not need swimming pools to teach math and communications.

Virginia education is high quality, even if The Roanoke Times does not think so. It is a major mistake to equate spending with results. New York City and the District of Columbia spend more than other schools and get the worst results. The problem rests with teachers unions and local governments that are failing to do their job. As you noted, the Supremes already ruled that funding does not have to be equal to provide quality.

Your editorial also is mistaken that buildings are necessary for quality schools. More than 400 school systems already use the internet to provide quality education. Liberty University alone has some 90,000 students in programs at all levels using the internet. And other universities as well as private education efforts from MIT to massive open online courses (MOOC) successfully do it, too. But you do not need the internet at all. Courses done by a few master teachers that meet all SOLs can be put onto DVDs and mailed to remote students while reducing costs. And can often be reused with further savings of labor.

Grasping at straws, y’all now want to again claim that Virginia has failed to provide high quality schools. Nonsense and barfola. Only a fool would go to court with your silly claim. You are trying the failed disparity claim again, which already lost in court. And because quality has no metric specified in the law, any education qualifies as high quality.

You should look at having local schools find better, cheaper, easier ways to improve the quality of their education instead of trying to steal money from Northern Virginia. Artificial intelligence and computers would cut costs drastically while improving outcomes by supplementing a reduced teaching staff. China already has found that using AI helps teach English better with far fewer teachers at significant savings in cost. Imagine how much better, computer based AI software augmenting education via the internet, would be than what we have now, which is limited to PC nonsense by the teachers unions. Instead of constantly whining about funding disparity, how about a campaign to get local school boards to stop using tunnel-vision thinking while stuck in a box that prevents considering better solutions.


Adams is an independent consultant after a career working for industry and the House of Representatives as well as other government agencies. He lives in Lynchburg.


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