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Who Is John Galt?

Posted By From On High
Date Sunday, 11 November 2012, at 7:06 a.m.
Perhaps it was the fact that there are 23 million Americans out of work or underemployed, and that 59,621,436 voters didn't care.

But I don't think so.

Maybe it's that they are accepting of the weak economy that offers no hope for young people.  Accepting.

Perhaps, but probably not.

Or that those 59,621,436 voters don't have any particular interest in the research that shows ObamaCare to be the worst piece of legislation to have ever come out of Washington, new law that will make health care more costly and less effective.  And make us less free.  That they have no interest, as long as they get their free stuff.

But I don't think it was that either.

Perhaps the Benghazi mess, in which the President of the once-united states chose to go out and chat on "The View" rather than be president and be straight with the American people about what happened there and why.  The debacle that brought about the deaths of four Americans that 59,621,436 voters showed absolutely no concern over.

But it's not even that.

Afghanistan?  Where American soldiers will continue to be slaughtered for years to come?  With no mission? No goal?  No hope for victory?  No explanation as to why they're there other than to get out some day?  No understanding coming from the commander-in-chief as to what they are really doing?  Why they are being killed?  With an electorate - 59,621,436 strong - that has no interest whatsoever in their daily sufferings and deaths?



Is it that a way of life is being destroyed in the coalfields of Southwest Virginia - by government decree - and not one of those 59,621,436 gives a shit?

Not even.

Is it the lies Obama tells?

Hell, he's been telling lies for years.  We all know it.  And those 59,621,436 people applaud him for it.

It isn't that.

Maybe it's Obama's open hostility to those of us who have made this country great.  We who have made the American Dream available to our children and grandchildren.  We who have hired employees and given them a chance to thrive, to prosper.  Perhaps it was that snarl, that "You didn't build that!" enmity that he's exhibited on too many occasions.

That vile "God damn America" execration that he "didn't hear" in the pews of Trinity United Methodist Church over a period of twenty years.

And the fact that when he says such things as "You didn't build that!", 59,621,436 bobbleheads nod in delirious, ignorant, vengeful unison.

Yes.  Now we're getting closer to the mark.

Barack Hussein Obama is the most divisive president in history.  And they are pleased.

What ended it for me?   What broke that life-long bond?


It was the day that Obama decided to make his reelection campaign all about revenge.

But more than that, it was this:

It was the day that 59,621,436 people cheered him on and voted for four more years of the last four years.

And now for revenge.

I ask: Revenge for what?

What did I do to them that would make them hate me so?

Is it that I'm white?

(Don't shake your head no; I'm classified in many circles as being nothing more than one of those to-be-shunned "angry white males.")

That's part of it.

But more so, it's that I give 40% of my hard-earned income to government now and I'm excoriated for not appreciating the opportunity.  That I'm not doing my "fair share."

While a sizable part of that 59,621,436 does absolutely nothing.  Whose share is squat.

Over the years I've spent upwards of 4,000 nights away from home, away from my family.  My kids?  Never saw a recital, never saw my son hit a home run.  Wasn't there to help with homework.  Wasn't there - too much of the time - while my children were growing up.  A 40-hour week?  Haven't seen one in decades.  Most years, I leave vacation time on the table.  Too much to do.  Too few hours in the day and week.

But I never complain about it.  It's what I expect of myself.  And it has brought in a lot of money.  I've succeeded.

Naturally, that success meant that I shelled out hundreds of thousands of those dollars that I earned over the years to the government.

Too large a portion of which went to people who sat on their fat asses and did nothing to make their own lives better.

Perhaps 59,621,436 of them.

Enough to control the outcome of a national election, to be sure.

People who now tell me I'm not doing enough to better their lifestyle.

People who sent a message on November 6 telling me that I will do more.  And appreciate the opportunity.

It is for them that the president of these once proud, no longer united states seeks revenge.

I've done him and them wrong.

I'm to be punished.

Either I haven't done enough or I haven't done it in the humbly submissive way that Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, all of Hollywood, and their ilk are famous for.  Please take more of my income.  Please.  Do good with it ...

Not this white boy.

You want that which I earned through my hard work?

You 59,621,436 losers can come and get it.

I'm done with you.

* This was my 20,070th weblog entry. 

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