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Bulldozing Social Justice

Posted By Old Virginia Blog
Date Thursday, 25 October 2018, at 7:00 a.m.
As we all know, Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy has retired. Kennedy was the deciding swing vote on a case that allowed, in the opinion of many, stealing private property. A case known, simply, as Kelo.

I already knew about this very bad and unjust decision, but a National Review piece regarding a film about the case brought it all back to mind. What a travesty. What a perfect example of corruption and elitism and why one should always react to "expert" opinions with a very critical eye. Most "experts" are funded by someone. Follow the money. This is true in science, academia, business, etc. But it is especially true whenever government is involved. Back to the NR piece and some money quotes:
Little Pink House, a devastating and important dramatization of the efforts of New London, Conn., paramedic Susette Kelo (Catherine Keener) to retain her house against the onrushing bulldozers of the state. To see the movie is to take the red pill and be introduced to how much deception, cynicism, and corruption underlie even seemingly routine acts of government. Little Pink House should be viewed by every teen and young adult who is in danger of confusing government’s noble-sounding stated motives with its actual ones. [Emphasis mine.]
And . . .
an avatar of big-hearted American determination, a successor to the heroes of Frank Capra movies.
And . . .
“Social justice and economic development, they go hand in hand,” Wells tells the citizens, justifying the massive injustice she is perpetrating. . .
And . . .
shame most especially on Justices Ginsburg, Kennedy, Stevens, Souter, and Breyer for affirming it in the Supreme Court, in a decision that agreed with the government that a poor landholder could be forced out in favor of a rich one because the rich one promised to provide more tax revenue. Take from the poor to give to the rich: This is how Ginsburg, Kennedy, et al. read the Constitution.
And . . .
At the end of the film we meet the real Susette Kelo, standing on an empty lot where her little pink house was razed because of appalling policy backed by outrageous jurisprudence. It’s half a generation later and the Pfizer campus has still never been built. To the contrary, the company shut down an existing office and left the city entirely, despite the $80 million of subsidies the government lavished on it. The bare land Kelo stands on, home mainly to feral animals and weeds, is a stark illustration of what can happen to property rights when “leaders with vision” find them inconvenient.
Full article here.

And you can watch the film on Amazon Prime.

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