Woman Furiously Shits On Floor Of Tim Hortons, Throws It At Employees

A woman in Canada was so incensed about something Tim Hortons employees did or didn’t do that she dropped her pants, took a dump on the floor, threw it, grabbed some napkins to wipe her ass, threw those too, and left. There is no pixelation in this sped-up LiveLeak video. You are going to see everything that this woman, full of rage and previously turds, does to forever sully the floor of this Tim Hortons located in Langley, British Columbia: What’s particularly baffling, aside from the obvious, is the other customers who don’t really react to what’s happening. Maybe that’s because Continue reading


by Zane Grey. Originally Published in Tales Of Lonely Trails, 1922. Two men brave the perils of Death Valley in search of riches! Of the five hundred and fifty-seven thousand square miles of desert land in the Southwest, Death Valley is the lowest below sea level, the most arid and desolate. It derives its felicitous name from the earliest days of the gold strike in California, when a caravan of Mormons, numbering about seventy, struck out from Salt Lake, to cross the Mojave Desert and make a short cut to the gold fields. All but two of these prospectors perished in the deep, iron-walled, Continue reading

A Florida woman woke to a roach crawling into her ear. Nine days later, it was removed.

A Florida woman woke to a roach crawling into her ear. Nine days later, it was removed.
Those screams you hear? They're the collective sounds of primal anguish after reading a Florida woman's account of waking up with a palmetto bug in her ear. (That's the polite name for a flying cockroach, for those of you not acquainted with the reviled Sunshine State insects.) Katie Holley's gruesome experience happened in the early morning hours of April 14. Soon after, her sister-in-law — who works as an editor for Self Magazine — asked her to pen an essay . She did, in frightening, gut-churning detail that's made thousands of people across the nation wonder if they should sleep with Continue reading

Little girl’s shocking discovery in Tennessee stuns the Internet

Little girl’s shocking discovery in Tennessee stuns the Internet
The girl discovered a trilobite fossil that scientists believe dates back 475 million years, and extraordinary and very rare find. Ryleigh Taylor just thought it was a cool looking rock when she saw it, but experts who later examined it have identified it as a trilobite, an extinct marine arthropod, that probably lived in this area when it was under water. It is very, very rare for such an ancient fossil of a trilobite exoskeleton to be in plain sight like this, making it all the more remarkable that little Ryleigh was able to find it. Read more Continue reading


by B. From Magdalene College Magazine, December 1913. The mummified remains of a pious man are disturbed, and he isn't happy! The year was 1754, the month October. The Chapel at Magdalene had been undergoing renovation all the summer, at the hands of the ingenious Mr Collins, of Clare Hall - indeed, since the beginning of the Easter Term the College services had been held in St Giles' Church adjacent. ~ 2 ~ Mr Dobree the Bursar, a big bluff man, was pacing in the Court in the autumn sunshine. Some workmen were carrying planks and poles out of the doorway of the Chapel staircase. The Bursar's Continue reading

NASA's InSight Mars Lander Has Left Earth: So What's Next for the Probe?

NASA's InSight Mars lander is now cruising to the Red Planet. The spacecraft began its 205-day, 301-million-mile (485 million kilometers) journey to Mars by launching atop a United Launch Alliance Atlas V rocket from Vandenberg Air Force Base in southern California early Saturday morning (May 5). The 4:05 a.m. PDT (7:05 a.m. EDT, 1105 GMT) liftoff marked the first time in history that an interplanetary mission began from the U.S. West Coast. About an hour and a half after it left the ground, the InSight spacecraft separated from the Atlas rocket's Centaur upper stage, beginning its trip to Continue reading


by William Hope Hodgson. Originally Published in The Idler, February 1910. Thomas Carnacki, the famous Investigator of "real" ghost stories, tells here the results of his peculiar and weird investigations in The House Among The Laurels. "This is a curious yarn that I am going to tell you," said Carnacki, as after a quiet little dinner we made ourselves comfortable in his cosy dining-room. "I have just got back from the West of Ireland," he continued. "Wentworth, a friend of mine, has lately had rather an unexpected legacy, in the shape of a large estate and manor, about a mile and a half Continue reading


by Mary Shelley. Originally Published in The Keepsake, 1829. Years after the murder of his wife, Dmitri of the Evil Eye decides to take revenge on his privileged younger brother! The wild Albanian kirtled to his knee, With shawl-girt head, and ornamented gun, And gold-embroider'd garments, fair to see; The crimson-scarfed man of Macedon.--Lord Byron.[*] [* Childe Harold II. lviii] The Moreot, Katusthius Ziani, travelled wearily, and in fear of its robber-inhabitants, through the pashalik of Yannina; yet he had no cause for dread. Did he arrive, tired and hungry, in a solitary village--did he Continue reading


by Roswell Brown. Originally Published in The Shadow, December 1, 1934. Gangster guns killed Grace Culver's father, but they could not kill the detective spirit which was a part of the Culver blood! "And the double chocolate soda goes where?" the blonde waitress demanded, shifting her weight from one foot to the other with a swinging movement of the hips. She balanced a trayful of soda and shortcake expertly, her china blue eyes staring off into the distance. Grace Culver had been making a snake out of the paper wrapper from her soda straw. She looked up quickly, with a gleam in her eyes as Continue reading


by Paul Chadwick. Originally Published in Ten Detective Aces April 1933. The night glowed purple! From the black vault of the heavens came a hissing ball of purple light. As if possessing uncanny human intelligence, it rocketed straight for the victim it had marked. The police were helpless before that sinister sphere of Doctor Zero's. And now, Wade Hammond, explorer and criminal investigator, had stepped into the eerie glow of the Purple Peril. CHAPTER I DEATH'S MESSENGER "WHAT'S that?" Detective O'Conner's voice was a nasal bleat. His eyes bulged under the brim of his soft felt hat. His Continue reading