Man hospitalised after injecting semen into his own arm to cure his 'severe, sudden onset' back pain

An Irish man's plan to treat his chronic back pain by injecting his own semen directly into his arm has ended with him being hospitalised with a large abscess. Key points: A case study published in the Irish Medical Journal (IMJ) says the man sought medical attention after complaining of "severe, sudden onset lower back pain" after "lifting a heavy steel object three days prior", but later revealed his back pain had been much more long standing. During a physical exam, doctors also noticed his arm was red and swollen. At this point, the man revealed his homespun back pain remedy — injecting Continue reading

A 4-Year-Old Trapped in a Teenager’s Body

I got my first pubic hair when I was 2 years old. I couldn’t talk, I could barely walk, but I started growing a bush. Or so they tell me. I have no recollection of a time before puberty, before the carnal cravings, the impulses, the angst and anger and violence. There was no prelapsarian age of innocence for me; I was born, I took a huge bite of the apple, and, by 2 years old, I was pretty much ready to get busy with Eve. It was the same for my father, and for his father, and for his father, and for the men in my family going back as far as we have records. We’ve all carried the same Continue reading

Ford has just made a robotic buttock that can sweat

Ever wondered how they actually test the functionality and comfort of a car seat? Me neither. Apparently though, it’s not something Ford entrusts to humans, but it’s one of those activities which they feel best suits the work of robots. Because they understand our butts apparently. And they’re becoming frighteningly life-like. And you thought the loss of jobs and the start of a potential war would be the biggest thing you would need to worry about with the upcoming robot apocalypse. Back in 2017 Ford introduced a robotic butt, called Robutt, which was essentially just a cushion at the Continue reading

Egypt court imprisons woman for sexually harassing a monkey

The Mansoura Misdemeanor Court on Thursday sentenced a housewife to three years in prison for sexually harassing a monkey in a pet shop in Mansoura city, al-Dakahlia governorate, by touching its genitals. The court charged her with inciting sedition and provoking emotions and lewd acts in public. A video of the incident went viral on social media in October showing the defendant while she was touching the genitals of a monkey in a public store with the intention of arousing the animal’s sexual instincts and inciting the public to commit adultery. The police identified the suspect and found Continue reading

The mystery of the ISS hole just got even weirder

One of the year’s biggest space stories just gets weirder and weirder. Earlier this week, a Russian cosmonaut who investigated the mysterious hole in the Soyuz capsule docked to the International Space Station revealed that the hole was definitely drilled from the inside, according to authorities, underscoring previous suggestions that the hole was not created by any collisions with meteorites or small debris in space—and further deepening the mystery about exactly who or what created the hole. Read more... Continue reading

Bodybuilder wraps penis around rolling pin to finish tattoo body suit

A bodybuilder whose entire body is covered in tattoos had to wrap his penis around a kitchen rolling to finish his private parts, including his testicles. Ray Houghton, 61, can “proudly” claim to have at least one tattoo on every body part after undergoing the eye-watering four-hour of inking on his genitals. He now boasts an impressive full body suit of ink which cost $9,500 and required more than 240 hours of tattooing. Read more... Continue reading

Naked man tries to light himself on fire at N.J. gas station

A naked man doused himself with fuel and was trying to light it on fire at a Woodbridge gas station Friday evening, township police said. Michael Green, a 35-year-old Ohio resident, poured 17 gallons of diesel fuel on himself and the ground near the pumps at a Shell gas station on Amboy Avenue shortly before 6:30 p.m., according to Scott Kuzma, chief law enforcement officer of the Woodbridge Police Department. Green then apparently tried to ignite the fuel using a lighter, Kuzma said. Nothing turned out to be set on fire, and police took Green to a hospital to be evaluated. The native of Continue reading

Woman tossed pee-soaked panties at cop during husband’s DWI arrest

A Long Island woman allegedly hurled her pee-soaked underwear and shoes at New York state troopers after they arrested her husband for drunk driving early Sunday, police said. Troopers stopped Michael Nelson, 38, in the Town of Hempstead around 1:35 a.m. and found that he’d had one too many drinks, they said. While cops were trying to arrest Michael, his devoted wife, Alexandra Nelson, 29, jumped out of their 2017 Mercedes-Benz and attempted to stop them. The belligerent hubby then headbutted a trooper’s face and body multiple times, officials said. The combative couple were taken to the Continue reading

Snow painted white because it’s so dirty from pollution in Russia

Residents in one coal-mining Russian town were stunned when their usual brown snow mysteriously turned white. The authorities have been accused of using ‘modern technology’ to hide the effects of pollution with white paint. In a video posted by local media, a Russian woman reaches out her hand to brush a snow bank in the town of Mysky, Siberia. She comes away with white sticky paint coating her fingers, which had apparently been used to hide the soot and ash dirtying the snow. ‘You can see the stains. It even sticks,’ she told the Moscow Times while demonstrating the substance on her Continue reading