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The problem with faith is that its emotionally driven.
The more you get excited, the more stupid you become.
It is not only found in religion, that exists in conspiracies as well.
It is every man's duty to be skeptical because that basicly means freedom of thought.
These things have a reason, some people will always prefer you to believe them.
Your worship of their idea is a lot of power,
And it will never come in your favor at least not directly.
Most people in the world are not objective.
Most of them tend to believe in nonsense, and worse they have been educated from birth to believe it.
The problem is that it is impossible to
Contrast any particularly historical content and thats creates a strange tree of opinion most of which is driven by interests.
History is similar to belief in this passage.
The point is that faith is useless and is used against us constantly.
So before you decide if the Bible is true or if Hitler was right.
You better ask yourself if this is serves anyone's interest.

Be always skeptical to everything even to this.

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