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Banks Pressure Health Care Firms to Raise Prices on Critical Drugs, Medical Supplies for Coronavirus


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The only US drugmaker that makes a potential treatment for the coronavirus that was touted by President Donald Trump raised the price by almost 100 per cent in January, as the virus caused havoc across China.



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Was this thing designed to kill smaller competition leaving the markets to the major corporations?


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How the rich get richer


How To Invest In 2020 | My Concerns

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Since 2001, the U.S. government has spent more than $1.8 trillion in the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq – that’s $8.3 million per hour.



The United States is effectively bankrupt, but that doesn’t matter to the GOP. Once evangelists of fiscal responsibility and scourges of deficit spending, Republicans today glory in spilling red ink. The national debt is now $20.6 trillion, greater than the annual GDP of about $19.5 trillion. Alas, with Republicans at the helm, deficits are set to continue racing upwards, apparently without end.


The deceptive promise of free trade


END GAME - The Fall of the West?


How Amazon Paid $0 Federal Income Tax in 2018

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Farm Cartoonist Loses His 21-Year Career After One Person Called His Cartoon ‘Offensive’


How Much Money Do Farmers Make?

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