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Minimum Wage Debunked - Why Amazon & Walmart Love the Idea

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U.S. Bank fired her for a Christmas good deed. Now companies are clamoring to hire her.

In the week since her story made international news, Emily James, the banker fired from a U.S. Bank call center in Portland for a Christmas Eve act of kindness, has been "overwhelmed and emotional" from the outpouring she's received.



The Walmart greeter

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Bristol Cabela's store closes, relocates inventory to Bass Pro Shops at The Pinnacle

News 5 spoke with Bristol, Virginia city manager Randy Eads:

We've been preparing for the possibility of this announcement for some time. This is disappointing news for the city of Bristol. However, the city's chief financial officer and I have been planning on how to deal with this situation and with how it relates to revenue bonds at the Falls for an extended period of time. I want to ensure the citizens of the city of Bristol that this is a speed bump that we will overcome. As disappointing as this news is, I feel confident that we will move in the right direction and we will continue to develop the entire city of Bristol in a manner in which all citizens will be proud.



The Falls' shopping center seems to be a total failure and has put Bristol hopelessly in debt.

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