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The decline of the coal industry and the associated ongoing bankruptcies of large coal companies create a serious concern that surface coal mining states may inherit large-scale liabilities for unremediated coal mines. These states may also have limited funding to remediate all abandoned mines at once, requiring prioritization of the cleanup of coal mines. In West Virginia and central Appalachia, these coal mines are often located in areas ranked as having poor public health outcomes, poor health factors, and extremely low-socioeconomic status. Epidemiological research has associated poor health outcomes for residents located near coal mining. Coal mine remediation presents an opportunity to improve the environment of the coalfields and perhaps improve health in communities surrounded by coal mines, as well as those downstream of polluted mining water discharges. By examining factors uniquely associated with the central Appalachia and West Virginia coalfields, a conceptual model that demonstrates how community health can be considered as a factor for prioritization of resources in remediation of abandoned coal mines was developed. The model utilizes health concerns specific to West Virginia and central Appalachia, relies on data already collected by the state, and identifies areas of the state with vulnerable health populations. Because this conceptual model is tailored to specific state concerns and existing state data, this model would be cost-effective as an off-the-shelf model for state agencies, and it could also be prospectively used when permitting new pollutant sources, such as new coal mines or natural gas drill sites and pipelines.


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Train derails, catches fire in Pike County

The derailment happened this morning in the Pond Creek of Draffin area along the CSX Transporation mainline. The train is on fire and is derailed near several residences. The rail line runs along the Levisa Fork of the Big Sandy River.

U.S. Highway 460 is currently closed while crews respond to the derailment. There is currently no word on a cause of the derailment.



Trump signs resolution to permit dumping mining waste into waterways

The resolution, signed Feb. 16, reversed an Obama-era rule aimed at blocking coal-mining operations from dumping waste into nearby waterways.


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Voluntary evacuations in place for Appalachia in Wise County | WCYB

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CLINTWOOD, Va. (WJHL) — Three people are facing charges after investigators found drugs and guns while executing a search warrant.

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The Dickenson County Sheriff’s Office and the 29th Circuit Narcotics Task Force executed a search warrant in the Caney Ridge area of Dickenson County. The search warrant resulted in three (3) individuals being charged with eleven (11) felonies related to criminal narcotics trafficking, possession, and the seizure of methamphetamine, marijuana, and firearms. The 29th Circuit Narcotics Task Force is comprised of Dickenson and Buchanan County Sheriff’s Offices, Grundy Police Department, and the Virginia State Police, Bureau of Criminal Investigation Drug Enforcement Section.

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A man is in custody after allegedly attempting to run over a deputy at a checkpoint in Dickenson County, Virginia overnight.


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