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What causes white supremacist beliefs?
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It’s interesting how movies make you believe that if you time travel to the middle ages you’ll understand people perfectly. But is it true? Would you really understand an Englishman from the 16th century? Hear for yourself in the video below where a 500-year-old poem is read aloud.
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1918 Spanish Flu historical documentary
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More U.S. Veterans Have Committed Suicide In The Last Decade Than Died In The Vietnam War
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Genetics of Southeast Asia: Philippines, Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore and More!
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This is How a Society Dies

Anglo-American society is now the world's preeminent example of willful self-destruction. It's jaw-dropping folly and stupidity is breathtaking to the rest of the world…

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Why I, as a black man, attend KKK rallies.
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8 Biggest Lies Told in History