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"INAUGURATION DAY" — A Bad Lip Reading of Donald Trump's Inauguration

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Beware, Pete Buttigieg Is a Sharp Corporate Tool
With the mutual alignment of Buttigieg and his corporate healthcare-industry donors, Mayor Pete's approach seems to be a case of a flimflamming candidate who poses as a forthright leader.


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N.J. mayor admits drinking too much at party, passing out without pants in township employee’s bed


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“You fantasized that this braggart would be your hero, but you discovered he’s just another rich asshole politician out for himself.”



Tulsi sues Hillary

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I've been reading about the Vietnam war

what a shitshow. and not the way boomers mean it. We were on the verge of wiping out communism in Nam when hippies, liberals and Nixon sold out the South and left them all alone against the charlies.

Look up the Phoenix Program for how to deal with communists.


Vietnam War Explained in 25 Minutes

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Epstein didn't kill himself. Let the memes begin!
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Every leftist social movement was engineered by the elite to enrich themselves.

>Women in the workforce

Inflates labour supply
Childcare becomes an industry
Children's raised by media and the state to be ideal consumers
Women already responsible for 80% of all consumption

>Sexual liberalism

Sex is zero-sum competitive
You can't change your genes
The only way to gain an edge is to consume
The more you consume to gain advantage, the more others must consume to regain lost advantage
The result is competitive consumption with no upper bound

>Deconstruction of family

Families consume a household's worth of resources per family
Single parents consume a houshold's worth of resources per individual

>Mass migration

Anyone above poverty is a potential saver
Anyone below poverty is a guaranteed consumer
Redistribution to imported poverty is redistribution from savers to consumers, and by extension, redistribution to the people selling what consumers buy
Inflates labour supply
Multiculturalism creates social entropy and prevents large scale organization
Migrant violence suppresses communities without needing to pay police

>Subsidized meme degrees

Degrees become required for entry level jobs
Lenders make money of loans
Landlords make money as students must rent in high demand cities, further increasing demand side competition

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We need to stop studying history and focus on the future. Change my mind.


Fast-spreading "Coronavirus" in China has caused QUARANTINE of Wuhan city (Pop. 11 Million) and caused Gov't of Shanghai to SPRAY disinfectant in the streets!


The United States needs to go all-in developing biological weapons. Hear me out. Germ warfare provides time and distance for the perpetrator of the attack, due to the incubation period and the difficulty of detecting a microscopic weapon. This high level of plausible deniability for the attacker, along with the targeted society’s difficulty and uncertainty in pointing out the attacker’s identity, give bioweapons a unique advantage over all other modes of warfare. In a nuclear strike, the victim can use the missile’s trajectory/point of origin to figure out who the attacker is, with relative certainty—enabling them to confidently carry out a second strike. A clandestinely delivered bio attack is much harder to source, while at the same time, capable (once germ warfare is developed to its full potential) of rendering a large segment of the targeted society’s populace useless. Imagine killing/incapacitating 1/3+ of an enemy’s labor force and military personnel, and simultaneously maintaining sufficient deniability to head off a reciprocal attack. Genetic engineering is still a young, vastly underdeveloped science. The bio weapons of 30 years from now, will probably be 100X more lethal and sophisticated than the bio weapons of today. Do we want to run the risk of falling behind in this arena of warfare?


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