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R No.33
I have about 160k in savings and investments. Im single, not planning on having kids, no debt.

Has any anon taken the camper pill? I wanna buy a cheap used one and just live in an RV park around the south. I dont really give a fuck about owning a home, having a mortage, etc.

Pros/Cons? I wanna get out of this clown world and live like a nomad.
¨ R No.34
I was gonna do this...dont. here's why I say dont.
In your mind you're doing it to save money but it doesnt equate to much of a savings. Campers dont have access to the plumbing grid for starters. That means emptying septic but also constantly having a resupply of water for basic shit like washing dishes and showering. So you have to moderate water usage and spend money/time getting water.
That's just water. Almost everything else in the camper is like that. You need to have gas on site to heat it, and if you run out you gotta buy more. In the winter, youd better hope you can get to it so you dont freeze.
Now a small used trailer of decent quality will cost between $1500-$10,000. So the trailer itself isnt too bad.
Now you gotta get land. You want a lot? They're hard to find, you typically have to apply, and now you're paying lot fees, basically paying rent.
Want to buy land yourself to park it on? Any parcel that has access to the power/water grid will cost upwards of $15,000 for like a half acre, unless you're out in the desert or some shit. A more realistic price for a parcel with grid access would be upward of $20k, and again, that's for a small ass, less than 1 acre parcel.
For a few acres you're looking at pretty serious cake.
All told, you're getting into it for about $35k as a charitable low estimate, along with constant resupplying costs in terms of time, money and stress.
You can spend $50k for a fixer upper cottage in most states across the country on a rural half acre/1 acre parcel. Itll have heat, water and electric grid access. Throw $10k into it and you've got a livable home for $60k with way less resupplying costs over the long term.
I will still get a camper for trips, and for a SHTF scenario. But I definitely rethought living in one as a home.

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