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File: 1613777997683.jpg–(167.07KB, 800x1005, 1613773855742.jpg)
R No.35
Do Christian women exist today? I don't go to church and every women I've meet is a whore, on social media they have extreme egos and flash pretty much every part of their body. What would a woman from the 30s think of this behavior?
¨ R No.36
When you can get any woman you want you start to see very disturbing repeating patterns in their behavior that begins to make you question how "human" they actually are. That is undeniable. I started noticing it really early in life, and eventually getting women was like watching the same movie again and again. They all were attracted to the same thing and relationships with them all unfolded in broad strokes identically. Women are a lot more like dolphins, chimpanzees, intelligent birds, or well scripted basic A.I. than they are what we traditionally believe to be "human." You shouldn't hate them though because at the end of the day you didn't design them, killing them won't fix them, and you're not an all-seeing all-knowing God so deciding that they need to be 'fixed' in the first place isn't your call to make. You just accept that a lot of what you were told about romantic love and women being equals is just bullshit and you treat them like exotic pets. You wouldn't have a conversation with your dog and expect it to provide you with meaningful and life affirming insight that you can trust, and the same is true for women.

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