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Bill Gates gives best-case scenario for US economy

Microsoft founder Bill Gates gives his take on the right measures the US needs to implement in order to reopen schools and his "best case" for the US economy.

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Finally got rid of her


Confronting Caleb Maddix, the Youngest Guru Millionaire LIVE

After a video I made about Caleb, he wanted to come on the show and get interviewed LIVE about some of the issues I brought up, including Reddit Copypasta, the YTA method and his infamous $10,000 sales phone call.


Negative Oil Prices Explained

It goes without saying that oil should be a relatively valuable commodity, given how useful it is, how limited its supply is and how expensive its alternatives are. BUT just earlier this week we have started seeing articles noting that oil prices have now gone into the negatives. People are literally paying to give other people one of the most influential and useful commodities in the world.


There's A Crisis That Is Quietly Creating New Economic Superpowers…

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43% of small businesses say they’ll be forced to close permanently if they don’t get help soon, survey says



Who was Bill Gates Before Microsoft?

This is a video about philanthropic billionaire, Bill Gates. We go into his family history, his early childhood, education, extracurriculars, and time at Harvard to answer the question "Who was Bill Gates before Microsoft?"

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Are American workers lazy?


Story time. I am a painter. I power wash and paint in Florida. It’s a good business and I’ve worked hard to be good at it. Precise. I keep it to just myself because I’m fast and can get jobs done quickly and it means I have very little overhead. I try very hard not to hire people. Why?

Because people are lazy assholes. Finding good help is difficult. Several times I have paid a weekly wage only to find out that they get paid, go home with cash in their pocket thinking only in the short term and they don’t show up again. And when they do, it’s because they ran out of money. Of course, I immediately tell them they’re unreliable and to fuck off. I’d love to say that’s only minorities. It’s not. Finding good people to work with is extremely difficult here. Basically if they’re that good they will be out in their own competing against you. That goes for whatever field you might be in.


My thoughts on what a post coronavirus repair industry will look like


What pisses me off about proposed airline bailouts.

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