Are we alone?

Posted By Peter
Date Sunday, 15 September 2019, at 9:03 a.m.

I'm come to the conclusion we are alone in the universe. Yep, just us. No aliens, greys, or Klingons. The pretense of the Fermi paradox is flawed in that the vastness of the universe does not imply life had to evolve elsewhere. Nor is there any reason to assume it is bound by proximity. So it's not a paradox. We ARE alone. We are just intimidated by the size of the known universe and assume that abiogenesis must have taken place elsewhere. Nope. The numbers in the odds of abiogenesis taking place make the numbers in the size of the cosmological universe look puny by comparison.

We are a chemical accident in the evolution of the universe. And if the universe goes through cycles of birth and death, it may be the only time it happened, and the only time it ever will happen.

Feeling special yet?

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