Gathering eggs

Posted By Jamie
Date Tuesday, 8 January 2019, at 3:00 p.m.

I stayed with my uncle Albert and Aunt Norma some and on one occasion I helped her gather eggs and she would let me reach into the hay nests and find them. It was like Easter to a four year old!

Later I decided them chickens might have hid some more eggs so I went back into their pen alone. All I remember is getting hit in the back, screaming like a banshee and sweet Norma running out of the house and getting that old rooster untangled from my really long hair, putting something on the wounds on my back from his spurs that didn't burn and consoling me.

I was more upset that dumb fowl didn't like me than I was over the attack! She said, "Jamie Janine, that rooster didn't realize you're family and he thought you might hurt his hens."

She talked to me like an adult but in a way a little girl could understand. She's also the only one who calls me by both my names.

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