Conquering 'Dragon's Tooth'

Posted By From On High
Date Sunday, 30 September 2018, at 2:12 p.m.
Last winter Jarrod, Kaid, Jayla and I hiked Cove Mountain. Our destination was Dragon's Tooth at the very top. It was a 4.1 mile hike, half of which is on the Appalachian Trail here in Virginia. No, it wasn't a hike; it was a climb. I made it about 3.6 miles and had to quit. Dizziness - and age - overtook me. I had to turn around and go back down.

Failure is a nasty thing.
It weighed on me.
And Dragon's Tooth laughed.
And laughed.
And kept calling my name.

I told Jarrod on Friday, "It's calling my name. And laughing."
His reply, "Let's do it."

Today we did it.
This time I was prepared. Prepared with the three essentials every old person should have on hand:
An oxygen bottle,
And Redbull.

OK. No oxygen bottle or Redbull. 

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