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The Untold Truth Behind Face Masks and Covid-19usUnited States
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Coronavirus: Guidance for Better Mental Health
The coronavirus might affect not only your physical wellbeing but also your mental health. As we might be instructed to stay home due to the pandemic, the mental health symptoms might worsen.

You might notice several mental health issues, such as:

- Increased anxiety
- Stress
- Excessively checking for symptoms
- Feelings of irritation
- Insecurity
- The normal aches will feel like you have the virus
- Sleeping troubles
- Feelings of helplessness

Check if you show these symptoms and try to control yourself as much as you can…
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How COVID Accelerates the Arrival of our Future - Sam Harris joins Yang Speaks
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Men less likely to wear face masks because they're 'not cool' and 'a sign of weakness'
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COVID-19 memes.
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Detected: 3,216,808 (+80,300) ► Died 227,906 (+6,439) ► Day: 112 (-23:45:00)

- 5.1 billion people under lockdown -
- 215 countries and territories infected -
- 11x more confir23:18 29.04.2020med deaths than swine flu -
- 83 vaccines and 312 treatments announced -
- 3,949 strains have been sequenced -
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TV Pastor Jim Bakker Really Wants You to Think He Can Cure Coronavirus
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Shelter in Place with Shane Smith & Edward Snowden (Full Episode)
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Capitalism And The American Pandemic Response

The current system is untenable and the Coronavirus pandemic has laid bare how truly ill-prepared the country is to protect its citizens.
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This Is How Religion Is Adapting To COVID-19
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BREAKING: Donald Trump has DIED #RIPDonaldTrump
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Irish Times
April 25, 2020
By Fintan O'Toole


Over more than two centuries, the United States has stirred a very wide range of feelings in the rest of the world: love and hatred, fear and hope, envy and contempt, awe and anger. But there is one emotion that has never been directed towards the US until now: pity.
However bad things are for most other rich democracies, it is hard not to feel sorry for Americans. Most of them did not vote for Donald Trump in 2016. Yet they are locked down with a malignant narcissist who, instead of protecting his people from Covid-19, has amplified its lethality. The country Trump promised to make great again has never in its history seemed so pitiful.

Will American prestige ever recover from this shameful episode? The US went into the coronavirus crisis with immense advantages: precious weeks of warning about what was coming, the world's best concentration of medical and scientific expertise, effectively limitless financial resources, a military complex with stunning logistical capacity and most of the world's leading technology corporations. Yet it managed to make itself the global epicentre of the pandemic.

As the American writer George Packer puts it in the current edition of the Atlantic, "The United States reacted … like Pakistan or Belarus - like a country with shoddy infrastructure and a dysfunctional government whose leaders were too corrupt or stupid to head off mass suffering."

It is one thing to be powerless in the face of a natural disaster, quite another to watch vast power being squandered in real time - wilfully, malevolently, vindictively. It is one thing for governments to fail (as, in one degree or another, most governments did), quite another to watch a ruler and his supporters actively spread a deadly virus. Trump, his party and Rupert Murdoch's Fox News became vectors of the pestilence.

The grotesque spectacle of the president openly inciting people (some of them armed) to take to the streets to oppose the restrictions that save lives is the manifestation of a political death wish. What are supposed to be daily briefings on the crisis, demonstrative of national unity in the face of a shared challenge, have been used by Trump merely to sow confusion and division. They provide a recurring horror show in which all the neuroses that haunt the American subconscious dance naked on live TV.

If the plague is a test, its ruling political nexus ensured that the US would fail it at a terrible cost in human lives. In the process, the idea of the US as the world's leading nation - an idea that has shaped the past century - has all but evaporated.

Other than the Trump impersonator Jair Bolsonaro in Brazil, who is now looking to the US as the exemplar of anything other than what not to do? How many people in Düsseldorf or Dublin are wishing they lived in Detroit or Dallas?

It is hard to remember now but, even in 2017, when Trump took office, the conventional wisdom in the US was that the Republican Party and the broader framework of US political institutions would prevent him from doing too much damage. This was always a delusion, but the pandemic has exposed it in the most savage ways.

Abject surrender

What used to be called mainstream conservatism has not absorbed Trump - he has absorbed it. Almost the entire right-wing half of American politics has surrendered abjectly to him. It has sacrificed on the altar of wanton stupidity the most basic ideas of responsibility, care and even safety.

Thus, even at the very end of March, 15 Republican governors had failed to order people to stay at home or to close non-essential businesses. In Alabama, for example, it was not until April 3rd that governor Kay Ivey finally issued a stay-at-home order.

In Florida, the state with the highest concentration of elderly people with underlying conditions, governor Ron DeSantis, a Trump mini-me, kept the beach resorts open to students travelling from all over the US for spring break parties. Even on April 1st, when he issued restrictions, DeSantis exempted religious services and "recreational activities".

Georgia governor Brian Kemp, when he finally issued a stay-at-home order on April 1st, explained: "We didn't know that [the virus can be spread by people without symptoms] until the last 24 hours."

This is not mere ignorance - it is deliberate and homicidal stupidity. There is, as the demonstrations this week in US cities have shown, plenty of political mileage in denying the reality of the pandemic. It is fuelled by Fox News and far-right internet sites, and it reaps for these politicians millions of dollars in donations, mostly (in an ugly irony) from older people who are most vulnerable to the coronavirus.

It draws on a concoction of conspiracy theories, hatred of science, paranoia about the "deep state" and religious providentialism (God will protect the good folks) that is now very deeply infused in the mindset of the American right.

Trump embodies and enacts this mindset, but he did not invent it. The US response to the coronavirus crisis has been paralysed by a contradiction that the Republicans have inserted into the heart of US democracy. On the one hand, they want to control all the levers of governmental power. On the other they have created a popular base by playing on the notion that government is innately evil and must not be trusted.

The contradiction was made manifest in two of Trump's statements on the pandemic: on the one hand that he has "total authority", and on the other that "I don't take responsibility at all". Caught between authoritarian and anarchic impulses, he is incapable of coherence.

Fertile ground

But this is not just Donald Trump. The crisis has shown definitively that Trump's presidency is not an aberration. It has grown on soil long prepared to receive it. The monstrous blossoming of misrule has structure and purpose and strategy behind it.

There are very powerful interests who demand "freedom" in order to do as they like with the environment, society and the economy. They have infused a very large part of American culture with the belief that "freedom" is literally more important than life. My freedom to own assault weapons trumps your right not to get shot at school. Now, my freedom to go to the barber ("I Need a Haircut" read one banner this week in St Paul, Minnesota) trumps your need to avoid infection.

Usually when this kind of outlandish idiocy is displaying itself, there is the comforting thought that, if things were really serious, it would all stop. People would sober up. Instead, a large part of the US has hit the bottle even harder.

And the president, his party and their media allies keep supplying the drinks. There has been no moment of truth, no shock of realisation that the antics have to end. No one of any substance on the US right has stepped in to say: get a grip, people are dying here.

That is the mark of how deep the trouble is for the US - it is not just that Trump has treated the crisis merely as a way to feed tribal hatreds but that this behaviour has become normalised. When the freak show is live on TV every evening, and the star is boasting about his ratings, it is not really a freak show any more. For a very large and solid bloc of Americans, it is reality.

And this will get worse before it gets better. Trump has at least eight more months in power. In his inaugural address in 2017, he evoked "American carnage" and promised to make it stop. But now that the real carnage has arrived, he is revelling in it. He is in his element.

As things get worse, he will pump more hatred and falsehood, more death-wish defiance of reason and decency, into the groundwater. If a new administration succeeds him in 2021, it will have to clean up the toxic dump he leaves behind. If he is re-elected, toxicity will have become the lifeblood of American politics.

Either way, it will be a long time before the rest of the world can imagine America being great again."
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Social distancing
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>Shocking moment New Jersey teacher tells teenagers to ‘die a long, painful death’ from coronavirus after they ignored stay-at-home orders to play football outside
>Math teacher told teenagers to 'die a long, painful death' from coronavirus last week
>The Trentonian identified her as Nicole Griggs, a staffer at Steinert High School in Hamilton, New Jersey
>Griggs reportedly became upset that a group of teenagers were playing football despite stay-at-home orders
>Footage showed Griggs yelling at the teenagers behind a fence
>'I’m just trying to save your a** and save your life. But die, OK. I hope both of you get the coronavirus,' she told the teenagers
>New Jersey is under stay-at-home orders until further notice
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Food supply breaking
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If the US healthcare system is so great and the best in the world then home come a country with a population of 320 million has over 1/4 of global coronavirus deaths in a world with a population of nearly 8 billion people?
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The madness has to stop
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Special Report: Former Labradoodle breeder was tapped to lead U.S. pandemic task force

Before joining the Trump Administration in January 2018, Harrison's official HHS biography says, he "ran a small business in Texas." The biography does not disclose the name or nature of that business, but his personal financial disclosure forms show that from 2012 until 2018 he ran a company called Dallas Labradoodles.

The company sells Australian Labradoodles, a breed that is a cross between a Labrador Retriever and a Poodle. He sold it in April 2018, his financial disclosure form said. HHS emailed Reuters that the sale price was $225,000.

At HHS, Harrison was initially deputy chief of staff before being promoted, in the summer of 2019, to replace Azar's first chief of staff, Peter Urbanowicz, an experienced hospital executive with decades of experience in public health.

This January, Harrison became a key manager of the HHS virus response. "Everyone had to report up through him," said one HHS official.
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Dear protesters
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GOP sounds alarm bell over coronavirus-fueled debt

Republicans are growing increasingly anxious about the meteoric rise in the country's debt amid unprecedented levels of federal spending aimed at softening the economic impact of the coronavirus.
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Testicles may make men more vulnerable to coronavirus: study

The coronavirus could linger in the testicles, making men prone to longer, more severe cases of the illness, according to a new study.
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How to talk to grandma during quarnatine
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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is personally delivering food and necessities to NYC elderly during the pandemic.
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COVID19 is a Biological Weapon

To understand the extent of Covid 19, this guide was created. Just like in the movie the matrixthere is the world that you see, and underneath that veil of lies is the truth. The truth is hard toswallow and the information contained here is not for the faint of heart. Therefore, as ourheavenly father allows freedom of choice, in his likeness and image you have the freedom tostop reading, right now, and continue on with your life. You will get your news from mediasources and expert opinions and that is perfectly fine. Most people are hopelessly dependentupon the current system and in the face of the truth will resort to defense mechanisms likedenial. If you choose to lift the veil, I warn you that there is nothing that can remove thisinformation from your brain. Once you are "awake" you cannot go back to sleep. Still want toknow the truth? Don't say we didn't warn you…
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How can Limbaugh continue to lie…
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"After testing 3300 Santa Clara County residents, Stanford University researchers conclude 2.5% - 4.2% have coronavirus antibodies. The county reported roughly 1,000 cases in early April; the actual range is 48000 - 81000, meaning the mortality rate is 0.12% and 0.2%. By comparison, the average death rate of the seasonal flu is 0.1%. A large number of people who are infected with the coronavirus NEVER show any symptoms.

Knowing the true extent of the virus’ reach can shed light on how close the population is to achieving herd immunity, in which enough people have some degree of immunity to the virus that it becomes difficult for infections to spread. "
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Germany sends China £130billion bill for 'coronavirus damages' - sparks fury in Beijing

GERMANY has rattled China after joining the UK, France and the US in a rare attack, after Berlin called out Beijing's responsibility for the global pandemic and even issued a £130bn invoice.
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Staying home saves lives. Our projections show how COVID is spreading in your area, when hospitals may become overloaded, and what you can do to stop it.

What is Covid Act Now?

Covid Act Now was started by four volunteers who saw the explosive and deadly growth of COVID infections around the world and felt they had to do something. The Covid Act Now team has partnered with some of America’s preeminent epidemiologists and data scientists to develop the U.S. Interventions Model.

The U.S. Interventions Model is a data platform that projects COVID infections, hospitalizations, and deaths across the United States, as well as model how public health interventions contain the spread of COVID. We help decision makers understand when and how COVID will affect their communities in order to make better decisions that save lives.

Our U.S. Interventions Model is being used at every level of government across the U.S., the military, private sector, and more. The model has also been adapted for use by several countries around the world, including India.
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Trump's Culture Warriors Are a Literal Death Cult Now

"You must be willing to risk your own health. You must be willing to lay in bed for 10 days with a 102-degree fever as you can barely breathe. To gaze upon your wheezing, intubated 82-year-old mother and steel yourself to say that if her death helps beat back the President's foes, helps keep the nation on God's path, perhaps it is worth it.

That, between now and Election Day, is what Trump is going to divide this country into-the timid people who seek safety and science and reassurance, and the brave souls who are willing to embrace the liberation of death."
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The Agenda behind Bill Gates Vaccine & ID2020 : Coronavirus Conspiracies
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CCP increases virus death toll by 50%; Governments around the world demand to know virus origin

A Hubei resident publicly sued the Hubei Government for covering up the #CCPvirus spreading. That night he was summoned by police.

China's economy shrinks for the first time since records began three decades ago. Its GDP falling nearly 7%.

Chinese authorities revised the virus death count in Wuhan, increasing it by 50%. Many believe the new number is still too low.

Governments around the world demand the truth from China. They want to know how the virus originated, and say it may have come from a lab in Wuhan. (#Wuhanlab)

The G7 joins the call to reform the World Health Organization (#WHO) as Republican lawmakers call for its director general to resign.

NTD refers to the novel coronavirus, which causes the disease COVID-19, as the CCP virus because the Chinese Communist Party's coverup and mismanagement allowed the virus to spread throughout China and create a global pandemic.
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The Corona Rules:

1. Basically, you can't leave the house for any reason, but if you have to, then you can.

2. Masks are useless, but maybe you have to wear one, it can save you, it is useless, but maybe it is mandatory as well.

3. Stores are closed, except those that are open.

4. You should not go to hospitals unless you have to go there. Same applies to doctors, you should only go there in case of emergency, provided you are not too sick.

5. This virus is deadly but still not too scary, except that sometimes it actually leads to a global disaster.

6. Gloves won't help, but they can still help.

7. Everyone needs to stay HOME, but it's important to GO OUT.

8. There is no shortage of groceries in the supermarket, but there are many things missing when you go there in the evening, but not in the morning. Sometimes.

9. The virus has no effect on children except those it affects.

10. Animals are not affected, but there is still a cat that tested positive in Belgium in February when no one had been tested, plus a few tigers here and there…

11. You will have many symptoms when you are sick, but you can also get sick without symptoms, have symptoms without being sick, or be contagious without having symptoms. Oh, my..

12. In order not to get sick, you have to eat well and exercise, but eat whatever you have on hand and it's better not to go out, well, but no…

13. It's better to get some fresh air, but you get looked at very wrong when you get some fresh air, and most importantly, you don't go to parks or walk. But don’t sit down, except that you can do that now if you are old, but not for too long or if you are pregnant (but not too old).

14. You can't go to retirement homes, but you have to take care of the elderly and bring food and medication.

15. If you are sick, you can't go out, but you can go to the pharmacy.

16. You can get restaurant food delivered to the house, which may have been prepared by people who didn't wear masks or gloves. But you have to have your groceries decontaminated outside for 3 hours. Pizza too?

17. Every disturbing article or disturbing interview starts with " I don't want to trigger panic, but…"

18. You can't see your older mother or grandmother, but you can take a taxi and meet an older taxi driver.

19. You can walk around with a friend but not with your family if they don't live under the same roof.

20. You are safe if you maintain the appropriate social distance, but you can’t go out with friends or strangers at the safe social distance.

21. The virus remains active on different surfaces for two hours, no, four, no, six, no, we didn't say hours, maybe days? But it takes a damp environment. Oh no, not necessarily.

22. The virus stays in the air - well no, or yes, maybe, especially in a closed room, in one hour a sick person can infect ten, so if it falls, all our children were already infected at school before it was closed. But remember, if you stay at the recommended social distance, however in certain circumstances you should maintain a greater distance, which, studies show, the virus can travel further, maybe.

23. We count the number of deaths but we don't know how many people are infected as we have only tested so far those who were "almost dead" to find out if that's what they will die of…

24. We have no treatment, except that there may be one that apparently is not dangerous unless you take too much (which is the case with all medications).

25. We should stay locked up until the virus disappears, but it will only disappear if we achieve collective immunity, so when it circulates… but we must no longer be locked up for that?
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Vitamin D and Immunity, Lots of Evidence
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2nd round of lockdowns start in China; US Senate committee investigates origin of the CCP virus
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Tesla has developed a ventilator. What's good about it, what needs work? Find out in this video.
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My take on London Real / David Icke Getting Banned
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A Deep Look into the Biology and Evolution of COVID-19
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Wear a mask
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Post COVID-19 memes.
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The COVID-19 Coronavirus Disease May Be Twice As Contagious As We Thought

A single person with COVID-19 may be more likely to infect up to 5 or 6 other people, rather than 2 or 3, suggests a new study of Chinese data from the CDC.
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If x% of us stay at home…
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Suggested links

Reply with suggested links for the Resources page.
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The coronavirus traveled all over the world from Wuhan China, but it did not reach Beijing or Shanghai or other major cities in China. Can anyone explain how is that possible?

There are so many questions, after all, where it all started, in China, the Chinese stock market did not collapse, but the American and European markets did, and when those markets collapsed, the Chinese bought a lot.

All roads lead back to China

1. They created a virus for which they already had an antidote.

2. They purposely spread the virus for financial gain.

3. There is a clear demonstration of efficiency to such an extent that they built hospitals in a few days. To build so many hospitals they had to be prepared with organized projects, for example, with the ordering of equipment, the hiring of labor, the water and sewerage network, the prefabricated building materials and the storage in an impressive volume. Everything happened so fast that everyone was speechless.

4. They caused chaos in the world, beginning with Europe and the rest of the western worlds.

5. Quickly decimating the economies of dozens of countries.

6. Stop production and manufacturing lines in factories and primary production in dozens of countries.

7. Causing the stock markets to crash and then they bought stocks, bonds and companies at bargain prices.

8. They then quickly gained control of the epidemic in their country. After all, they were ready and he was never really out of control.

9. In all this, they managed to lower the price of basic products, including the price of oil.

10. Now they are going back to mass production while the rest of the world is stopped.

Also note how quickly Chinese unions activated to "hoard" purchases of bus cargo to regional shopping centers across Australia, stripping our shelves of toilet paper and staple foods.

It happened before most of us knew what was happening, even before we knew what the Coronavirus was.
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Evidence suggests that COVID-19 was here in November

A Mysterious Flu-like Illness Arrived in the US in Nov 2019…
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Taming the lion
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Covid-19 had us all fooled, but now we might have finally found its secret.

In the last 3-5 days, a mountain of anecdotal evidence has come out of NYC, Italy, Spain, etc. about COVID-19 and characteristics of patients who get seriously ill. It's not only piling up but now leading to a general field-level consensus backed up by a few previously little-known studies that we've had it all wrong the whole time. Well, a few had some things eerily correct (cough Trump cough), especially with Hydroxychloroquine with Azithromicin, but we'll get to that in a minute.

There is no 'pneumonia' nor ARDS. At least not the ARDS with established treatment protocols and procedures we're familiar with. Ventilators are not only the wrong solution, but high pressure intubation can actually wind up causing more damage than without, not to mention complications from tracheal scarring and ulcers given the duration of intubation often required… They may still have a use in the immediate future for patients too far to bring back with this newfound knowledge, but moving forward a new treatment protocol needs to be established so we stop treating patients for the wrong disease.

The past 48 hours or so have seen a huge revelation: COVID-19 causes prolonged and progressive hypoxia (starving your body of oxygen) by binding to the heme groups in hemoglobin in your red blood cells. People are simply desaturating (losing o2 in their blood), and that's what eventually leads to organ failures that kill them, not any form of ARDS or pneumonia. All the damage to the lungs you see in CT scans are from the release of oxidative iron from the hemes, this overwhelms the natural defenses against pulmonary oxidative stress and causes that nice, always-bilateral ground glass opacity in the lungs. Patients returning for re-hospitalization days or weeks after recovery suffering from apparent delayed post-hypoxic leukoencephalopathy strengthen the notion COVID-19 patients are suffering from hypoxia despite no signs of respiratory 'tire out' or fatigue.

Here's the breakdown of the whole process, including some ELI5-level cliff notes. Much has been simplified just to keep it digestible and layman-friendly.

Your red blood cells carry oxygen from your lungs to all your organs and the rest of your body. Red blood cells can do this thanks to hemoglobin, which is a protein consisting of four "hemes". Hemes have a special kind of iron ion, which is normally quite toxic in its free form, locked away in its center with a porphyrin acting as it's 'container'. In this way, the iron ion can be 'caged' and carried around safely by the hemoglobin, but used to bind to oxygen when it gets to your lungs.

When the red blood cell gets to the alveoli, or the little sacs in your lungs where all the gas exchange happens, that special little iron ion can flip between FE2+ and FE3+ states with electron exchange and bond to some oxygen, then it goes off on its little merry way to deliver o2 elsewhere.

Here's where COVID-19 comes in. Its glycoproteins bond to the heme, and in doing so that special and toxic oxidative iron ion is "disassociated" (released). It's basically let out of the cage and now freely roaming around on its own. This is bad for two reasons:

1) Without the iron ion, hemoglobin can no longer bind to oxygen. Once all the hemoglobin is impaired, the red blood cell is essentially turned into a Freightliner truck cab with no trailer and no ability to store its cargo.. it is useless and just running around with COVID-19 virus attached to its porphyrin. All these useless trucks running around not delivering oxygen is what starts to lead to desaturation, or watching the patient's spo2 levels drop. It is INCORRECT to assume traditional ARDS and in doing so, you're treating the WRONG DISEASE. Think of it a lot like carbon monoxide poisoning, in which CO is bound to the hemoglobin, making it unable to carry oxygen. In those cases, ventilators aren't treating the root cause; the patient's lungs aren't 'tiring out', they're pumping just fine. The red blood cells just can't carry o2, end of story. Only in this case, unlike CO poisoning in which eventually the CO can break off, the affected hemoglobin is permanently stripped of its ability to carry o2 because it has lost its iron ion. The body compensates for this lack of o2 carrying capacity and deliveries by having your kidneys release hormones like erythropoietin, which tell your bone marrow factories to ramp up production on new red blood cells with freshly made and fully functioning hemoglobin. This is the reason you find elevated hemoglobin and decreased blood oxygen saturation as one of the 3 primary indicators of whether the shit is about to hit the fan for a particular patient or not.

2) That little iron ion, along with millions of its friends released from other hemes, are now floating through your blood freely. As I mentioned before, this type of iron ion is highly reactive and causes oxidative damage. It turns out that this happens to a limited extent naturally in our bodies and we have cleanup & defense mechanisms to keep the balance. The lungs, in particular, have 3 primary defenses to maintain "iron homeostasis", 2 of which are in the alveoli, those little sacs in your lungs we talked about earlier. The first of the two are little macrophages that roam around and scavenge up any free radicals like this oxidative iron. The second is a lining on the walls (called the epithelial surface) which has a thin layer of fluid packed with high levels of antioxidant molecules.. things like abscorbic acid (AKA Vitamin C) among others. Well, this is usually good enough for naturally occurring rogue iron ions but with COVID-19 running rampant your body is now basically like a progressive state letting out all the prisoners out of the prisons… it's just too much iron and it begins to overwhelm your lungs' countermeasures, and thus begins the process of pulmonary oxidative stress. This leads to damage and inflammation, which leads to all that nasty stuff and damage you see in CT scans of COVID-19 patient lungs. Ever noticed how it's always bilateral? (both lungs at the same time) Pneumonia rarely ever does that, but COVID-19 does… EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.

- - - - - - - - - - - -

Once your body is now running out of control, with all your oxygen trucks running around without any freight, and tons of this toxic form of iron floating around in your bloodstream, other defenses kick in. While your lungs are busy with all this oxidative stress they can't handle, and your organs are being starved of o2 without their constant stream of deliveries from red blood cell's hemoglobin, and your liver is attempting to do its best to remove the iron and store it in its 'iron vault'. Only its getting overwhelmed too. It's starved for oxygen and fighting a losing battle from all your hemoglobin letting its iron free, and starts crying out "help, I'm taking damage!" by releasing an enzyme called alanine aminotransferase (ALT). BOOM, there is your second of 3 primary indicators of whether the shit is about to hit the fan for a particular patient or not.

Eventually, if the patient's immune system doesn't fight off the virus in time before their blood oxygen saturation drops too low, ventilator or no ventilator, organs start shutting down. No fuel, no work. The only way to even try to keep them going is max oxygen, even a hyperbaric chamber if one is available on 100% oxygen at multiple atmospheres of pressure, just to give what's left of their functioning hemoglobin a chance to carry enough o2 to the organs and keep them alive. Yeah we don't have nearly enough of those chambers, so some fresh red blood cells with normal hemoglobin in the form of a transfusion will have to do.

The core point being, treating patients with the iron ions stripped from their hemoglobin (rendering it abnormally nonfunctional) with ventilator intubation is futile, unless you're just hoping the patient's immune system will work its magic in time. The root of the illness needs to be addressed.

Best case scenario? Treatment regimen early, before symptoms progress too far. Hydroxychloroquine (more on that in a minute, I promise) with Azithromicin has shown fantastic, albeit critics keep mentioning 'anecdotal' to describe the mountain, promise and I'll explain why it does so well next. But forget straight-up plasma with antibodies, that might work early but if the patient is too far gone they'll need more. They'll need all the blood: antibodies and red blood cells. No help in sending over a detachment of ammunition to a soldier already unconscious and bleeding out on the battlefield, you need to send that ammo along with some hemoglobin-stimulant-magic so that he can wake up and fire those shots at the enemy.

The story with Hydroxychloroquine

All that hilariously misguided and counterproductive criticism the media piled on chloroquine (purely for political reasons) as a viable treatment will now go down as the biggest Fake News blunder to rule them all. The media actively engaged their activism to fight 'bad orange man' at the cost of thousands of lives. Shame on them.

How does chloroquine work? Same way as it does for malaria. You see, malaria is this little parasite that enters the red blood cells and starts eating hemoglobin as its food source. The reason chloroquine works for malaria is the same reason it works for COVID-19 - while not fully understood, it is suspected to bind to DNA and interfere with the ability to work magic on hemoglobin. The same mechanism that stops malaria from getting its hands on hemoglobin and gobbling it up seems to do the same to COVID-19 (essentially little snippets of DNA in an envelope) from binding to it. On top of that, Hydroxychloroquine (an advanced descendant of regular old chloroquine) lowers the pH which can interfere with the replication of the virus. Again, while the full details are not known, the entire premise of this potentially 'game changing' treatment is to prevent hemoglobin from being interfered with, whether due to malaria or COVID-19.

No longer can the media and armchair pseudo-physicians sit in their little ivory towers, proclaiming "DUR so stoopid, malaria is bacteria, COVID-19 is virus, anti-bacteria drug no work on virus!". They never got the memo that a drug doesn't need to directly act on the pathogen to be effective. Sometimes it's enough just to stop it from doing what it does to hemoglobin, regardless of the means it uses to do so.

Anyway, enough of the rant. What's the end result here? First, the ventilator emergency needs to be re-examined. If you're putting a patient on a ventilator because they're going into a coma and need mechanical breathing to stay alive, okay we get it. Give 'em time for their immune systems to pull through. But if they're conscious, alert, compliant - keep them on O2. Max it if you have to. If you HAVE to inevitably ventilate, do it at low pressure but max O2. Don't tear up their lungs with max PEEP, you're doing more harm to the patient because you're treating the wrong disease.

Ideally, some form of treatment needs to happen to:

Inhibit viral growth and replication. Here plays CHQ+ZPAK+ZINC or other retroviral therapies being studies. Less virus, less hemoglobin losing its iron, less severity and damage.
Therapies used for anyone with abnormal hemoglobin or malfunctioning red blood cells. Blood transfusions. Whatever, I don't know the full breadth and scope because I'm not a physician. But think along those lines, and treat the real disease. If you're thinking about giving them plasma with antibodies, maybe if they're already in bad shape think again and give them BLOOD with antibodies, or at least blood followed by plasma with antibodies.
Now that we know more about how this virus works and affects our bodies, a whole range of options should open up.
Don't trust China. China is ASSHOE. (disclaimer: not talking about the people, just talking about the regime). They covered this up and have caused all kinds of death and carnage, both literal and economic. The ripples of this pandemic will be felt for decades.

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Corona Survival Guide with Wim Hof & Russell Brand
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Eric Weinstein Says Mask Misinformation is "Deadly Nonsense" | Joe Rogan
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When the inevitable inquiry into the government's response to COVID-19 happens, it will conclude that signs of a coming crisis were everywhere.
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Rachel Maddow points out for Donald Trump the failures of the George W. Bush administration in dealing with the disaster of Hurricane Katrina and encourage him to recognize his own administration's fecklessness as COVID-19 is killing thousands of Americans and put someone competent in charge of the federal response. Aired on 4/3/20.
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Tulsi will survive
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Joe Rogan Experience #1453 - Eric Weinstein

Eric Weinstein is a mathematician and economist, and he is also the managing director at Thiel Capital.
#coronavirus #covid-19 #rogan
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Our stockpile not yours
R: 2 / I: 2
Peeing section
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The Chinese government has deliberately underreported the total number of coronavirus cases and deaths in the country, the U.S. intelligence community told the White House, a new report says.
Bloomberg, citing three U.S. officials, reported Wednesday that the intelligence community said in a classified report that China's public tally of COVID-19 infections and deaths is purposefully incomplete.
The secret report concludes that China's numbers are fake, two of the officials said, Bloomberg reported. The White House received the report last week, according to the news outlet.
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Just so I NEVER forget….. April 2,2020

Gas prices 1.99
School cancelled - yes cancelled
Self-distancing measures on the rise.
Tape on the floors at grocery stores and others to help distance shoppers (6ft) from each other.
Limited number of people inside stores, therefore, lineups outside the store doors.
Non-essential stores and businesses mandated closed.
Parks, trails, entire cities locked up.
Entire sports seasons cancelled.
Concerts, tours, festivals, entertainment events - cancelled.
Weddings, family celebrations, holiday gatherings - cancelled.
No masses, churches are closed. Churches now live stream their worship services.
No gatherings of 50 or more, then 20 or more, now 10 or more.
Don't socialize with anyone outside of your home.
Children's outdoor play parks are closed.
We are to distance from each other.
Shortage of masks, gowns, gloves for our front-line workers.
Shortage of ventilators for the critically ill.
Panic buying sets in and we have no toilet paper, no disinfecting supplies, no paper towel no laundry soap, no hand sanitizer.
Shelves are bare.
Manufacturers, distilleries and other businesses switch their lines to help make visors, masks, hand sanitizer and PPE.
Government closes the border to all non-essential travel.
Fines are established for breaking the rules.
Stadiums and recreation facilities open up for the overflow of Covid-19 patients.
Press conferences daily from the President and the governess. Daily updates on new cases, recoveries, and deaths.
Government incentives to stay home.
People wearing masks and gloves outside.
Essential service workers are terrified to go to work.
Medical field workers are afraid to go home to their families.

This is the Novel Coronavirus (Covid-19) Pandemic, declared March 11th, 2020.
Why, you ask, do I write this status?
One day it will show up in my memory feed, and it will be a yearly reminder that life is precious and not to take the things we dearly love for granted.
We have so much!
Be thankful. Be grateful.
Be kind to each other - love one another - support everyone.
We are all one!

Copy and share.
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Dr. Duc Vuong, the World's #1 Weight Loss Surgeon and author, gives you detailed information on how you can keep the Coronavirus out of your house. Protect your family from this pandemic.
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Doctor goes on Fox News and blows up Donald Trump's lies

Somebody decided to invite Dr. Rishi Desai onto Fox. I don't think they'll be asking him back.
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All the rooms in the hotels are empty, so this is how they deal with those who have no jobs or homes.
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Your Phone Can Function As a Low-Cost Ventilator

Indian Health Tech - World's Cheapest Ventilator: A low-cost, user-friendly portable ventilator has made it possible for patients on long-term ventilator support to go back home after years.
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>A train engineer at the Port of Los Angeles is facing federal charges for allegedly charging a locomotive off tracks toward the USNS Mercy, which he suspected is tied to a government plot, federal prosecutors said Wednesday.

>Eduardo Moreno, 44, of San Pedro, was handed over to FBI agents Wednesday and charged with one count of train wrecking in Tuesday’s derailment, according to the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Los Angeles.

>He allegedly told investigators he believed the ship — which docked at the port last week to relieve strain on area hospitals during the coronavirus outbreak — had a secret purpose related to COVID-19 or a government takeover.
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Stand Up For The Red White And Blue !

The wealthy bribe the government who pass laws that allow them to hide their gains from tax. The government conscripts poor men, and trains them to kill other poor men; and we call it DEFENSE. This army is sent around the world to beat smaller nations into submission. The banks move in to steal their resources, and send their worth home to pad the mattress of the rich; and we call it International Business. The media praise these actions as our God Given Rights; to kill the heathens and promote Democracy. The rich build, move and destroy factories, without a thought for the workers or towns effected. When the last rich man has won it all, a Plague will grip our land. His business will be shuttered. The limousine will be parked, and the Yacht moored. His fluffy mattress of inflated dollars will spring a fast leak. A feeling of Dread will creep over him, as he realizes he is not a God, but a mere man; less noble than a peasant dead in Nicaragua, nor as brave as the dead Grunt he sent to Vietnam. Just a selfish man, who now knows that ALL men have Term Limits. -Lt. Dan
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Real Doctor Reacts To CONTAGION (2011) - Did It Predict Coronavirus?

Contagion is 9 years old but with coronavirus dominating the news it's become almost eerily prophetic. How much did it predict correctly about COVID-19? How does it stand up to scientific scrutiny? A doctor takes a look.
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HOW COVID-19 KILLS–I'm a Surgeon–And Why We Can't Save You
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Why are people infected with COVID-19 reporting that they began to feel better before becoming criti
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Coronavirus Rhapsody
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Hospitals are threatening to fire health-care workers who publicize their working conditions during the coronavirus pandemic - and have in some cases followed through.
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Pets and COVID-19

While 2 dogs (Hong Kong) and 1 cat (Belgium) have been reported to have been infected with SARS-CoV-2, infectious disease experts and multiple international and domestic human and animal health organizations agree there is no evidence at this point to indicate that pets spread COVID-19 to other animals, including people.
If you are not ill with COVID-19, you can interact with your pet as you normally would, including walking, feeding, and playing. You should continue to practice good hygiene during those interactions (e.g., wash hands before and after interacting with your pet; ensure your pet is kept well-groomed; regularly clean your pet's food and water bowls, bedding material, and toys).
Out of an abundance of caution, it is recommended that those ill with COVID-19 limit contact with animals until more information is known about the virus. Have another member of your household take care of walking, feeding, and playing with your pet. If you have a service animal or you must care for your pet, then wear a facemask; don't share food, kiss, or hug them; and wash your hands before and after any contact with them.
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Keith Richards & Betty White Escape From Earth to Repopulate the Species

In a top secret NASA mission, our 2 most prized humans are being sent into Outer Space for the duration of the coronavirus, to ensure the survival of the species.
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FDA authorizes two-minute antibody testing kit to detect coronavirus

The Food and Drug Administration issued an emergency approval Tuesday for a serological testing kit produced by Bodysphere Inc. that can detect a positive or negative result for COVID-19 in two minutes.
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Why Sweden's Coronavirus Approach Is So Different From Others

While Denmark and Norway closed their borders and imposed strict regulations on their residents, Sweden has done relatively little. Major events such as the start of the Swedish soccer season are postponed and universities are closed, but otherwise everyday life continues.
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What Scientists Know About Immunity to the Novel Coronavirus

Though COVID-19 likely makes recovered patients immune, experts aren't sure how long protection lasts
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I know all about the ACE2 receptor phenomena with this virus. It's actually much worse than you think.

When the virus binds to ACE2 receptors, it mimics the normal function of Ang II, which ACE2 receptors are supposed to down-regulate. This leaves excess circulating Ang II in the tissues, which creates a whole lot of fucking inflammation, enough to basically destroy a lung. The autoimmune reactions are huge. Your own inflammatory response does more to attack the tissues than the virus does.

With ADE, normally, like in Dengue, you have to get two different strains for the second one to fuck you, because the incomplete antibody response due to the faulty memory B cell antigen experience means that the virions are carted off to the Fc receptors where they start to infect your immune system, and then the Dengue fucks you to death. If SARS-CoV-2 can do this with the same strain and the same infection, that's really, really, incredibly fucked, because it means immunity is difficult or even impossible to develop. I've heard that they've cured some people with serum antibodies, so it's possible that at least some people have good antibody responses. I've also heard of people relapsing with the disease, which is not encouraging at all.

I've been trying to tell people for fucking weeks, this thing can have serious neurological consequences. SARS-CoV-2 can attack the medulla of the brain stem and the blood vessels of the brain. It can cause viral encephalitis and make people to collapse to the ground with abnormal posturing like drowning victims.

When they tested SARS-CoV on hACE2 transgenic mice with human ACE2 receptors in their cells, they found it could enter the olfactory bulb and pass through the cribriform plate, just like naegleria fowleri amoeba, and from there, it could enter the brain and brain stem. Lights out.
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Do we need to prepare for civil unrest?
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Which is the bigger happening?
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The U.S. may end up with the worst COVID-19 outbreak in the industrialized world. This is how it's going to play out.
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There is a lot of evidence that propylene glycol (one of the main ingredients in e-cigarette liquids) has anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties in aerosol form. Below is a list of studies I cited in the 2017 book on e-cigarettes that I wrote together with other colleagues:
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The outbreak of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) may be stressful for people. Fear and anxiety about a disease can be overwhelming and cause strong emotions in adults and children. Coping with stress will make you, the people you care about, and your community stronger.

Everyone reacts differently to stressful situations. How you respond to the outbreak can depend on your background, the things that make you different from other people, and the community you live in.

People who may respond more strongly to the stress of a crisis include…
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So I thought I would throw up a little history lesson for everyone on both sides of the political divide. I think it’s important that we understand the truth, especially come November when it’s time to vote. Forgive the length. But, hey we all have time on our hands to read, right?

In December 2013, an 18-month-old boy in Guinea was bitten by a bat. Then there were five more fatal cases. When Ebola spread out of the Guinea borders into neighboring Liberia and Sierra Leone in July 2014, President Obama activated the Emergency Operations Center at the Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta. The CDC immediately deployed CDC personnel to West Africa to coordinate a response that included vector tracing, testing, education, logistics and communication.

Altogether, the CDC, under President Obama, trained 24,655 medical workers in West Africa, educating them on how to prevent and control the disease before a single case left Africa or reached the U.S.

Working with the U.N. and the World Health Organization President Obama ordered the re-routing of travelers heading to the U.S. through certain specific airports equipped to handle mass testing.

Back home in America, more than 6,500 people were trained through mock outbreaks and practice scenarios. That was done before a single case hit America.

Three months after President Obama activated this unprecedented response, on September 30, 2014, we got our first case in the U.S.. That man had traveled from West Africa to Dallas, Texas and had somehow slipped through the testing protocol. He was immediately detected and isolated. He died a week later. Two nurses who tended to him contracted Ebola and later recovered. All the protocols had worked. It was contained.

The Ebola epidemic could have easily become a pandemic. But thanks to the actions of our government under Obama, it never did. Those three cases were the ONLY cases of ebola in our country because Obama did what needed to be done three months before the first case.

Ebola is even more contagious than Covid-19. If he Obama not done these things, millions of Americans would have died awful painful deaths like something out of a horror movie (if you’ve ever seen how Ebola kills, it’s horrific).

It’s ironic that BECAUSE President Obama did these things - we forget that he did them, because the disease never reached our shores.

Now the story of Covid 19 and Trump’s response that we know about so far:

Before anyone even knew about the disease (even in China) Trump disbanded the pandemic response team that Obama had put in place. He cut funding to the CDC. And he cut our contribution to the World Health Organization (WHO).

Trump fired Rear Admiral Timothy Ziemer, the person on the National Security Council in charge of stopping the spread of infectious diseases before they reach our country - a position created by the Obama administration.

When the Outbreak started in China, Trump assumed it was China’s problem and sent no research, supplies or help of any kind. We were in a trade war, why should he help them?

In January he received a briefing from our intelligence organizations that the outbreak was much worse than China was admitting and that it would definitely hit our country if something wasn’t done to prevent it. He ignored the report, not trusting our own intelligence.

When the disease spread to Europe, the World Health Organization offered a boatload of tests to the United States. Trump turned them down, saying private companies here would make the tests “better” if we needed them. But he never ordered U.S. companies to make tests and they had no profit motive to do so on their own.

According to scientists at Yale and several public university medical schools, when they asked for permission to start working on our own testing protocol and potential treatments or vaccines, they were denied by Trump’s FDA.

When Trump knew about the first case in the United States he did nothing. It was just one case and the patient was isolated. When doctors and scientists started screaming in the media that this was a mistake, Trump claimed it was a “liberal hoax” conjured up to try to make him “look bad after impeachment failed.”

The next time Trump spoke of Covid-19, we had 64 confirmed cases but Trump went before microphones and told the America public that we only had 15 cases “and pretty soon that number will be close to zero.” All while the disease was spreading. He took no action to get more tests.

What Trump did do is stop flights from China from coming here. This was too late and accomplished nothing according to scientists and doctors. By then the disease was worldwide and was already spreading exponentially in the U.S. by Americans, not Chinese people as Trump would like you to believe.

As of the moment I’m posting this, the morning of March 22, 2020, we have 15,220 CONFIRMED CASES in the U.S. The actual number is undoubtedly much higher. But we don’t know because we don’t have enough tests. Why don’t we have enough tests? Remember back when Trump turned down the tests from the W.H.O. and prevented our own universities from developing them? Remember back when Trump had cut the funding to the CDC?

Every time Mr. Trump goes on camera and blames the previous administration for the mess we are now in, I scream at the reporters from FOX, CNN and MSNBC - “Why aren’t you reporting the actual historical facts?!” How dare Trump try to blame Covid-19 on Obama. He has no one to blame but himself.

I hear Republican pundits try to put the blame on China. And they are correct - after all, the disease started there. And the Chinese government handled it poorly and dishonestly. So it’s fair to blame the government of China for the EXISTENCE of the Covid-19 virus. BUT THAT MISSES THE POINT. Obama didn’t blame Ebola on Guinea. He helped them stop it. Trump let the disease invade the U.S.

And he is still not doing all he could to save lives. He keeps talking about invoking The Defense Production Act, but hasn’t actually done so. He’s making the same mistake twice - waiting until it’s too late to take action.

Invoking that act would require factories with the right equipment and know-how to start producing life saving ventilators for our hospitals, protective masks and other gear for our front line health workers. And the plus is it would actually employ people to do so. UPDATE: he just invoked it, FINALLY, way late.

Them’s the facts. Take them as you will. I’ll go back to trying to find toilet paper on-line.
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How Coronavirus Quarantines Lead To A Drop In Air Pollution

As coronavirus quickly spreads around the world, the virus is forcing people to stay put. People aren't driving or flying, leading to a massive reduction in air pollution, most notably in China, but also in Italy, the U.S. and other hard-hit areas that have implemented directives to stay home.
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Ok, at first this so outlandish, the claim that the Corona Virus panic is entirely manufactured, that there is in fact no virus, and that all off this is a bogus sham for various purposes (world domination, population control, keks). I thought, it’s just impossible, it’s too big of a conspiracy, this isn’t like Sandy Hook, it’s the entire fucking world. This was my thinking up until a couple of weeks ago, but, I’m starting to wonder.

So here are my top 3 reasons for not believing it (in no particular order)

>1) no one I know has died, and no one I know has posted anything (on FB for example) about someone they know having died from the Virus. I know a lot of people too and I’m in the middle of the hot spot statistically for my country. So how come? No one I know has reported even having it, let alone a death in their family.

>2) if there is a pandemic happening how come I never see anyone cough on the street? Like nothing, zero, zilch, nada, squadoooosh! The only person I hear coughing is my idiot blue haired feminist neighbour, but she’s getting stoned by hitting her bong so that doesn’t count. But when I am out not so much as a Tini-tiny little couf is heard from anyone around me. How can this be possible? I don’t ride transit but I walk the dog enough and I am serious, no one is sick not even the crack-heads.

>3) Now this is the strangest one, why are so many famous people getting it? Specifically Boris Johnson, you’re telling me that the PM of one of the most powerful countries on Earth contracted this virus? Seems dubious to me, first he has a potential staff of thousands to do things like sanitizing surfaces, everyone in his circle must be being tested, shouldn’t he already be on chloroquine? I feel like this one is a big red flag, the elite always try to humanize their hoax cause that’s the way normies think, remember the calls home from the planes on 9/11, like that, pulls on your heart strings.
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You Need To Listen To This Leading COVID-19 Expert From South Korea

Professor Kim Woo-joo from Korea University Guro Hospital
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Free Toilet Paper
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Estimating actual COVID 19 cases (novel corona virus infections) in an area based on deaths
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Where is that flattening effect that is supposed to happen?
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Ben Sparks explains (and codes) the so-called SIR Model being used to predict the spread of cornavirus (COVID-19).
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How The U.S. Fell Dangerously Behind In Coronavirus Testing
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Republicans Collectively Agree to Sacrifice Your Grandma to the Gods of Capitalism
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Will UV light kill SAR-CoV-2?