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How to wash your hands in this dystopic CoronaVirus environment…

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Health Wagon to hold health fairs in Wise, Clintwood, and Clinchco in March






Blah blah blah…


Public health districts across Virginia have opened public health call centers to answer questions on coronavirus.

Staff members at these centers are prepared to give information on symptoms, how to minimize risk and exposure, local and statewide conditions, testing resources and how they’re being used and what to do if you think you’re sick.

Below is a list of call centers:



COVID-19 board >>>/cv/

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Coronavirus, How To Wash Your Hands


The University of Virginia’s College at Wise will see a new $2 million scholarship fund after a gift from the Rapha Foundation.



Four new public WiFi spots are now operational in Southwest Virginia. The hotspots, a project of the Cumberland Plateau Company and its operating partner Point Broadband, are strategically located near popular areas where citizens tend to gather.

The four WiFi spots include downtown Tazewell in Tazewell County; the Verner Blankenship Community Park in Hurley in Buchanan County; downtown Haysi in Dickenson County; and the Lebanon Recreational Center in Russell County.


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Black Lung Benefits Drop For Kentucky Coal Miners After Controversial Law Change

Two years ago, Kentucky lawmakers made a controversial change to the rules for black lung benefits. Now, state records show that since that change, the percent of Kentucky miners diagnosed by state-approved experts as having the disease fell from 54 percent before the law change to just 26 percent. An analysis of state data by the Ohio Valley ReSource also suggests that the doctors now making decisions on claims more often side with coal companies than with coal miners.



Editorial: 'A grave national problem'

Through our history, we've often seen certain cities rise as new industries prospered - think of Detroit with automobiles in the 20th century. However, the economic fortunes of those cities were still linked to smaller communities elsewhere. Car makers depended on steel from places like Gary, Indiana, and those steel plants, in turn, were powered by coal from Appalachia. If Detroit was doing well, so were other communities along its supply chain, from Detroit to Dickenson County. The technologies that now drive the 21st century economy have broken that connection, though. Google isn't buying algorithms from digit factories in Clintwood. Tech industries in Silicon Valley may be doing great, but they're leaving the rest of the country untethered in a very different economy.


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RICHLANDS, Va. — An escaped inmate out of Tazewell County who has been on the run for nearly a year has been apprehended in Florida.

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New Life

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