by Francis Stevens (Gertrude Barrows Bennett). Originally Published in All-Story 1917. A man is tormented by the spirit of a long dead Egyptian princess! IT WAS after nine o'clock when the bell rang, and descending to the dimly lighted hall I opened the front door, at first on the chain to be sure of my visitor. Seeing, as I had hoped, the face of our friend, Ralph Quentin, I took off the chain and he entered with a blast of sharp November air for company. I had to throw my weight upon the door to close it against the wind. As he removed his hat and cloak he laughed good-humoredly. "You're Continue reading


by H. P. Lovecraft. Originally Published in Weird Tales, February, 1928. Receiving research notes left behind by his grand-uncle, Thurston begins piecing together the dread implications of the Cthulhu cult! I. The Horror In Clay II. The Tale of Inspector Legrasse III. The Madness from the Sea Of such great powers or beings there may be conceivably a survival...a survival of a hugely remote period when...consciousness was manifested, perhaps, in shapes and forms long since withdrawn before the tide of advancing humanity...forms of which poetry and legend alone have caught a flying memory and Continue reading


by William Hope Hodgson. from The Idler, January 1910. Thomas Carnacki, the famous investigator of "real" ghost stories, tells here his incredibly weird experience in the Electric Pentacle. In response to Carnacki's usual card of invitation to have dinner and listen to a story, I arrived promptly at 427, Cheyne Walk, to find the three others who were always invited to these happy little times, there before me. Five minutes later, Carnacki, Arkright, Jessop, Taylor and I were all engaged in the "pleasant occupation" of dining.   "You've not been long away, this Continue reading


by Bram Stoker. Originally published in 1911. A demented mesmerist tries to mentally crush the girl he loves while the great white worm slithers below, awaiting its next victim. CHAPTER I--ADAM SALTON ARRIVES Adam Salton sauntered into the Empire Club, Sydney, and found awaiting him a letter from his grand-uncle. He had first heard from the old gentleman less than a year before, when Richard Salton had claimed kinship, stating that he had been unable to write earlier, as he had found it very difficult to trace his grand-nephew's address. Adam was delighted and replied cordially; he had often Continue reading


by Alice and Claude Askew. Originally Published in The Weekly Tale-Teller July, 1914. Paul Davenant marries beautiful redhead Jessica MacThane, who bears a striking resemblence to her ancestress, Zaida the witch! Aylmer Vance had rooms in Dover Street, Piccadilly, and now that I had decided to follow in his footsteps and to accept him as my instructor in matters psychic, I found it convenient to lodge in the same house. Aylmer and I quickly became close friends, and he showed me how to develop that faculty of clairvoyance which I had possessed without being aware of it. And I may say at once Continue reading


by Gordon Brown. Originally Published in Golden Fleece Magazine, April 1939. Brazenly eyeing her silent captors, the crowd formed a closely-packed circle about the girl! GENTLEMAN COLBY perked jaded nostrils and sniffed. From one of the lesser places on down the street a crowd of bearded grangers, cowpokes, and slattern-faced women pushed out the door, dragging a protesting figure with them. The crowd tramped around a corner and disappeared into the alley, from which huge, billlowing clouds drifted out to hang above the little town like a tinted Paisley shawl. Smoke! And in it, Gentleman Continue reading


by Wallace West. Originally Published in Astounding Stories March, 1933. By millions of millions the creatures of earth slow and drop when their time-sense is mysteriously paralyzed! "There is no doubt of it!" The little chemist pushed steel-bowed spectacles up on his high forehead and peered at his dinner guest with excited blue eyes. "Time will come to an end at six o'clock this morning." Jack Baron, young radio engineer at the Rothafel Radio laboratories, and protégé of Dr. Manthis, his host, laughed heartily. "What a yarn you spin, Doctor," he said. "Write it for the Continue reading


by Roswell Brown. Originally Published in The Shadow June 1 1935. Grace Culver could handle a gun - but when it came to kitchen tactics, she was a whiz with frying pan and rolling-pin! Something was wrong. Very wrong! It was written all over "Big Tim" Noonan's rugged face, as he walked slowly into the office of his own detective agency and closed the door behind him. His gray eyes were bleak. The lines slanting down from the corners of his mouth had deepened to two gashes in his leathery skin. At her desk in the corner, his red-headed secretary glanced up quickly. At another desk, nearer the Continue reading


by Henry Kuttner. from Super Science Stories, vol.3 no.2 November 1941. A stone from the stars kept vigil, and a dead man smiled, as Steve Vane bore a death token from Mercury to the man who had promised him--murder! CHAPTER ONE Stone from the Stars THE noise of pursuit was growing louder. Steve Vane's lungs ached with each knife-thrust, gasping breath of the icy air. His gray prisongarments were no protection against thewintry breeze, and his thin shoes werealready wet with snow and beginning tofreeze. It was hard to keep going. It wouldbe far easier to give up the mad attempt, to stop and Continue reading


by Leigh Brackett. Originally Published in Planet Stories, Summer 1941. Making Venus safe for colonists turns out to be an extremely dangerous job for Tex and his partner Breska! Tex stirred uneasily where he lay on the parapet, staring into the heavy, Venusian fog. The greasy moisture ran down the fort wall, lay rank on his lips. With a sigh for the hot, dry air of Texas, and a curse for the adventure-thirst that made him leave it, he shifted his short, steel-hard body and wrinkled his sandy-red brows in the never-ending effort to see. A stifled cough turned his head. He whispered, "Hi, Continue reading