by Arnold Smith. . from London Mercury, #104 June 1928. Touching a Church fresco depicting the horrors of Hell has a strange effect on schoolmaster Jones! Mr Jones was an elementary schoolmaster and a bachelor of shy, retiring disposition. An early disappointment in love was responsible for a lonely existence which custom had made natural to him. At the time of his extraordinary adventure he had become so accustomed to the pleasures of solitude that he preferred to take even his Saturday afternoon walks - his sole recreation - without a companion. This accounts for the fact that he was alone Continue reading


by Roswell Brown. Originally Published in the Shadow March 1, 1935. Red is for fox and for Grace Culver, the red-headed detective hound who is smart enough to trap him! The girl with red hair sucked up the last of a double chocolate soda through soggy straws, and grunted regretfully at the hollow sound of air replacing creamy liquid at the bottom openings of the two stems. Above the drug store counter, an electric clock pointed to twenty-seven minutes after twelve. Her sherry-colored eyes watching the thin, crimson second-indicator slide quickly around the numbered circle. Miss Culver of the Continue reading


by Burton Kline. . from Stratford Journal, December 1917. A dark and stormy night brings a fearsome visitor to the door! By the side of a road which wanders in company of a stream across a region of Pennsylvania farmland that is called Paradise because of its beauty, you may still mark the ruins of a small brick cabin in the depths of a grove. In summertime ivy drapes its jagged fragments and the pile might be lost to notice but that at dusk the trembling leaves of the vine have a way of whispering to the nerves of your horse and setting them too in a tremble. And the people in the village Continue reading


by C. L. Moore and Forrest J. Ackerman. Originally Published in Fantasy Magazine April, 1935. Out of the dark a hurtling figure plunged full-tilt against Northwest Smith. His startled arms closed about a woman---a girl, completely naked! The thick Venusian dark of the Ednes waterfront in the hours before dawn is breathless and tense with a nameless awareness, a crouching danger. The shapes that move murkily thru its blackness are not daylight shapes. Sun has never shone upon some of those misshapen figures, and what happens in the dark is better left untold. Not even the Patrol ventures there Continue reading