by Louisa May Alcott. Originally Published in The New World , January 16 1869. A mummified woman's curse traverses time to exact revenge! "And what are these, Paul?" asked Evelyn, opening a tarnished gold box and examining its contents curiously. "Seeds of some unknown Egyptian plant," replied Forsyth, with a sudden shadow on his dark face, as he looked down at the three scarlet grains lying in the white hand lifted to him. "Where did you get them?" asked the girl. "That is a weird story, which will only haunt you if I tell it," said Forsyth, with an absent expression that strongly excited Continue reading


by Otis Adelbert Kline. from Amazing Stories Vol. 5, No. 7 - oct, 1930. Archaelogists encounter a mysterious Moon worshipper while exploring Crater Mound. WE stood on the eastern rim of Crater Mound—my friend Professor Thompson, the noted selenographer, and I. Dusky shadows lengthened and grew more intense in the great, deep basin before us, as the Sun, his face reddened as if from his day's exertions, sank slowly beyond the western rim. Behind us, Alamo Edwards, the dude wrangler who had brought us out from Canyon Diabolo two weeks before, was dividing his time between the chuck wagon Continue reading


by Bret Harte. from Under The Redwoods, 1901. A lonely lighthouse keeper is troubled by visions of a beautiful "mermaid." Bret Harte : The Mermaid of Lighthouse Point Some forty years ago, on the northern coast of California, near the Golden Gate, stood a lighthouse. Of a primitive class, since superseded by a building more in keeping with the growing magnitude of the adjacent port, it attracted little attention from the desolate shore, and, it was alleged, still less from the desolate sea beyond. A gray structure of timber, stone, and glass, it was buffeted and harried by the constant trade Continue reading


by Malcolm Jameson. Originally Published in Astounding, December 1941. Sometimes the simplest and most reasonable request brings astonishing results! The fiasco at the big No. I Plant atop Pikes Peak began like this. "Hoskins," said the man known the world over as The Sorcerer, turning from the empty water cooler, "will you pick up the phone please and call the storeroom down at the ten-thousand-foot level and ask them to send up a bottle of mineral water? This one is dry." "Yes, Sir," said Hoskins, obediently, and began flicking the number. He clicked impatiently several times, then Continue reading


by Henry Brereton Marriott-Watson. Originally Published in Diogenes of London & Other Fantasies 1893. His intended bride insisted on meeting in the marsh, where unseen eyes were watching! It was nigh upon dusk when I drew close to the Great Marsh, and already the white vapours were about, riding across the sunken levels like ghosts in a churchyard. Though I had set forth in a mood of wild delight, I had sobered in the lonely ride across the moor and was now uneasily alert. As my horse jerked down the grassy slopes that fell away to the jaws of the swamp I could see thin streams of mist rise Continue reading


by Lord Dunsany. From The Book Of Wonder, June 1918. The servants are in a panic at the House of the Sphinx after a mighty deed has been done. When I came to the House of the Sphinx it was already dark. They made me eagerly welcome. And I, in spite of the deed, was glad of any shelter from that ominous wood. I saw at once that there had been a deed, although a cloak did all that a cloak may do to conceal it. The mere uneasiness of the welcome made me suspect that cloak. The Sphinx was moody and silent. I had not come to pry into the secrets of Eternity nor to investigate the Sphinx's private Continue reading


by Edmond Hamilton. Originally Published in Weird Tales Aug 1926. Something waited in the legendary hidden city, hoping to be discovered! Out of the desert night he came to us, stumbling into our little circle of firelight and collapsing at once. Mitchell and I sprang to our feet with startled exclamations, for men who travel alone and on foot are a strange sight in the deserts of North Africa. For the first few minutes that we worked over him I thought he would die at once, but gradually we brought him back to consciousness. While Mitchell held a cup of water to his cracked lips I looked him Continue reading