by Zane Grey. Originally Published in Tales Of Lonely Trails, 1922. Two men brave the perils of Death Valley in search of riches! Of the five hundred and fifty-seven thousand square miles of desert land in the Southwest, Death Valley is the lowest below sea level, the most arid and desolate. It derives its felicitous name from the earliest days of the gold strike in California, when a caravan of Mormons, numbering about seventy, struck out from Salt Lake, to cross the Mojave Desert and make a short cut to the gold fields. All but two of these prospectors perished in the deep, iron-walled, Continue reading


by Basil Wells. From Cosmic Science Fiction, Volume 1, Number 3, May 1941. The barbarian rode out of the wilds to capture one of the little demons whose eyes flashed fire. ARIS CX13 perched precariously atop a gleaming white boulder as she watched the strange rider's approach. A ferocious shaggy gray pack of wolfish grals clawed futilely at the rock's smooth base, fighting to gorge their gaunt bellies on her tender flesh. Her scanty black tunic hung in ribbons, shredded by clawing blanches as she had raced to escape their keen fangs long hours before, and her long raven hair streamed unbound Continue reading


by Philip Francis Nowlan. Originally Published in Amazing Stories, March 1929. Buck Rogers and warrior-woman Wilma Deering lead a desperate battle to the finish against a vastly superior foe -- the murderous Han! CHAPTER I CHAPTER II CHAPTER III CHAPTER IV CHAPTER V CHAPTER VI CHAPTER VII CHAPTER VIII CHAPTER IX CHAPTER X CHAPTER XI CHAPTER XII CHAPTER XIII CHAPTER XIV CHAPTER XV CHAPTER XVI CHAPTER I The Airlords Besieged In a previous record of my adventures in the early part of the Second War of Independence I explained how I, Anthony Rogers, was overcome by radioactive gases in an Continue reading


by Roswell Brown. Originally Published as "Hit the Baby" in The Shadow, February 15, 1936. Grace "Redsie" Culver learns of love and murder under the dark menace of zombies and demon visitations! "Blue Monday?" The redhead yawned, stretched, looked up from her desk in the quiet office of the Noonan Detective Agency. "Who started that whoop-de-da about Mondays being blue? You got a whole new week's work ahead of you on a Monday morning. Saturdays, it's all over. Nothing but a picnic in the country or washing out your stockings to look forward to." Young, good-looking Jerry Riker straightened Continue reading


by Henry Kuttner. Originally Published in Planet Stories, August 1944. She spoke in a tongue dead a thousand years, and she had no memory for the man she faced. Yet he had held her tightly but a few short years before, had sworn eternal vengeancewhen she died in his arms from an assassins wounds. HE HAD come back, though he knew what to expect. He had always come back to Klanvahr, since he had been hunted out of that ancient Martian fortress so many years ago. Not often, and always warily, for there was a price on Dantans head, and those who governed the Dry Provinces would have been glad to Continue reading


by Abraham Merritt. from The Fox Woman and Other Stories, 1949. A terrified woman makes a desperate revenge pact with a creature of the night. The Fox Woman CHAPTER I THE ANCIENT STEPS wound up the side of the mountain through the tall pines, patience trodden deep into them by the feet of twenty centuries. Some soul of silence, ancient and patient as the steps, brooded over them. They were wide, twenty men could have marched abreast upon them; lichens brown and orange traced strange symbols on their grey stones, and emerald mosses cushioned them. At times the steps climbed steep as stairs, Continue reading


by Jack London. from Famous Fantastic Mysteries, Vol.9 No.5, June 1948. Two bitter lifelong rivals race to see who will discover the secret of invisibility. When I look back, I realise what a peculiar friendship it was. First, there was Lloyd Inwood, tall, slender, and finely knit, nervous and dark. And then Paul Tichlorne, tall, slender, and finely knit, nervous and blond. Each was the replica of the other in everything except colour. Lloyd's eyes were black; Paul's were blue. Under stress of excitement, the blood coursed olive in the face of Lloyd, crimson in the face of Paul. But outside Continue reading


by Robert E. Howard. from Weird Tales, February 1934. A warrior relives a past life where he is pitted against a monster from the depths of Hell. I WILL TELL YOU OF NIORD AND THE WORM. You have heard the tale before in many guises wherein the hero was named Tyr, or Perseus, or Siegfried, or Beowulf, or St George. But it was Niord who met the loathly demoniac thing that crawled hideously up from hell, and from which meeting sprang the cycle of hero-tales that revolves down the ages until the very substance of the truth is lost and passes into the limbo of all forgotten legends. I know whereof Continue reading


by Hal K. Wells. The beast demon of Yucatan fosters a dread series of murderous horrors! . There was a vibrant note of nervous tension in Karl Reisner's command. I brought the car to a skidding stop in the loose sand of the narrow roadway. Reisner and Allan Grove were sitting in the back seat. I got a glimpse of Reisner's face in the rearview mirror. His features had always been gaunt and pallid. Now in the faintly reflected moonlight his face was the bleached white of a naked skull. “There's the Herron place,” Reisner said, his voice so low that it was a husking whisper. “Now do you Continue reading


by Clifford Goodrich. From The Shadow, Dec. 1, 1937. The Whisperer becomes bullet bait for those who would steal a Railroad! The Whisperer was keenly aware that the girl beside him doubted his ability to stage a holdup. He sat hunched beside her in the speeding roadster. His chin was long-pointed and his blurred hair under a quaint, round-brimmed hat was whitish in color. Otherwise, The Whisperer was a humble, mild-appearing man with a low, husky voice, hardly above a whisper at any time. Now he glanced over at the maze of railroad switch tracks bordering the highway. The Whisperer emitted a Continue reading