by George du Maurier . Originally Published as Trilby 1894. Beautiful young Trilby comes under the hypnotic influence of the villainous Svengali! PART FIRST PART SECOND PART THIRD PART FOURTH PART FIFTH PART SIXTH PART SEVENTH PART EIGHTH PART FIRST 'Mimi Pinson est une blonde,' Une blonde que l'on connait; Elle n'a qu'une robe au monde. Launderirette! et qu'un bonnet!' IT WAS A FINE, SUNNY, showery day in April. The big studio window was open at the top, and let in a pleasant breeze from the north-west. Things were beginning to look shipshape at last. The big piano, a semi-grand by Continue reading


by Emile C. Tepperman. Originally Published in Clues Detective March, 1943. Nellie Gray is paid to deliver a lawyer's briefcase but requires the Avenger's help when thugs capture her! CHAPTER I. THE MIAMI BUS. The plump little man with the frightened eyes boarded the bus at Jacksonville and selected the aisle seat next to Nellie Gray. He mumbled a quick apology, laid his black leather brief case across his knees, and immediately opened a newspaper. He spread it in front of him, effectively hiding his face, and did not move for an hour. Nellie knew he was only pretending to read, for he never Continue reading


by Guy de Maupassant. From Chamber Of Horrors, 1978. I. THEY were discussing dynamite, the social revolution, Nihilism, and even those who cared least about politics had something to say. Some were alarmed, others philosophized, and others again tried to smile. ``Bah!'' N -- -- said, ``when we are all blown up, we shall see what it is like. Perhaps, after all, it may be an amusing sensation, provided one goes high enough.'' ``But we shall not be blown up at all,'' G -- -- , the optimist, said, interrupting him. ``It is all a romance.'' ``You are mistaken, my dear fellow,'' Jules de C -- -- Continue reading


by Mary Synon. Originally Published in Scribner's Magazine 1915. Peter Thorold learns the consequences of being a bounty-jumper! “... While faith, that in the mire was fain to wallow, Returns at last to find The cold fanes desolate, the niches hollow, The windows dim and blind, “And strown with ruins around, the shattered relic Of unregardful youth, Where shapes of beauty once, with tongues angelic, Whispered the runes of Truth.” —From “The Burden of Lost Souls.” On the day before Isador Framberg’s body was brought back to Chicago from Vera Cruz, James Thorold’s appointment as Continue reading


by Ray Bradbury and Henry Hasse. From Super Science Stories, Volume 3, Number 2, Nov. 1941. Prisoner of Time was he, outlawed from Life and Death alike the strange, brooding creature who watched the ages roll by and waited half fearfully for--eternity? "I THINK," shrilled Erjas, "that this is our most intriguing discovery on any of the worlds we have yet visited!" His wide, green-shimmering wings fluttered, his beady bird eyes flashed excitement. His several companions bobbed their heads in agreement, the greenish-gold down on their slender necks ruffling softly. They were perched on what had Continue reading


by Leonid Andreyev (Translated by Abraham Yarmolinsky). Originally Published by The Stratford Company 1918. Family and friends celebrate Lazarus' resurrection when he returns home after being dead for three days, but he's no longer the cheerful and carefree man they once knew! CHAPTER I CHAPTER II CHAPTER III CHAPTER IV CHAPTER V CHAPTER VI CHAPTER I When Lazarus left the grave, where, for three days and three nights he had been under the enigmatical sway of death, and returned alive to his dwelling, for a long time no one noticed in him those sinister oddities, which, as time went on, made Continue reading


by L. Frank Baum . Originally Published in 1911. Trot, a girl living in California, and her friend, a former sea captain named Bill, travel to an underwater world inhabited by mermaids. Happily, the queen of the mermaids, Aquareine, temporarily transforms Trot and Bill into Merpeople so that they too can enjoy her land under the sea. Unfortunately, Trot and Bill are captured by the evil Zog and must fight to find their way back home. THE oceans are big and broad. I believe two-thirds of the earth's surface is covered with water. What people inhabit this water has always been a subject of Continue reading