by Bret Harte. Originally Published in Overland Monthly and Outwest Magazine 1869. The town's beautiful new schoolmarm has plans for one of her students! Sandy was very drunk. He was lying under an azalea bush, in pretty much the same attitude in which he had fallen some hours before. How long he had been lying there he could not tell, and didn't care; how long he should lie there was a matter equally indefinite and unconsidered. A tranquil philosophy, born of his physical condition, suffused and saturated his moral being. The spectacle of a drunken man, and of this drunken man in particular, Continue reading


by Bret Harte. from Under The Redwoods, 1901. A lonely lighthouse keeper is troubled by visions of a beautiful "mermaid." Bret Harte : The Mermaid of Lighthouse Point Some forty years ago, on the northern coast of California, near the Golden Gate, stood a lighthouse. Of a primitive class, since superseded by a building more in keeping with the growing magnitude of the adjacent port, it attracted little attention from the desolate shore, and, it was alleged, still less from the desolate sea beyond. A gray structure of timber, stone, and glass, it was buffeted and harried by the constant trade Continue reading