by Clark Ashton Smith. from Weird Tales, November 1933. Yet it is less the horror than the grace which turns the gazer's spirit into stone. -- Shelley. I have no reason to expect that anyone will believe my story. If it were another's tale, probably I should not feel inclined to give it credence myself. I tell it herewith. hoping that the mere act of narration, the mere shaping of this macabre day-mare adventure into words will in some slight measure serve to relieve my mind of its execrable burden. There have been times when only a hair's-breadth has intervened betwixt myself and the Continue reading


by Clark Ashton Smith . Originally Published in Weird Tales Vol. 21, No. 4, April, 1933. A trio of avaricious scalawags dares the ice for the jewels of a long-frozen King! Quanga the huntsman, with Hoom Feethos and Eibur Tsanth, two of the most enterprising jewelers of Iqqua, had crossed the borders of a region into which men went but seldom and wherefrom they returned even more rarely. Travelling north from Iqqua, they had passed into desolate Mhu Thulan, where the great glacier of Polarion had rolled like a frozen sea upon wealthy and far-famed cities, covering the broad isthmus from shore Continue reading