by Clifford Goodrich. From The Shadow, 3/1/38. Like rain they dropped from the heavens: human bodies!-and The Whisperer made the lightning that exposed the sinister plot! As the stout hempen noose tightened about his neck, The Whisperer knew that he had been expected. The noose dangled from an overhead trestle in the abandoned shipyard. Two blocks away lay the gaunt form of what had once been an ocean liner. Apparently, it had been anticipated that The Whisperer would investigate the ancient ship. It was now a gaudy hotel and night club known as the Paradise Aquatique. Four burly forms sprang Continue reading


by Clifford Goodrich. From The Shadow, Dec. 1, 1937. The Whisperer becomes bullet bait for those who would steal a Railroad! The Whisperer was keenly aware that the girl beside him doubted his ability to stage a holdup. He sat hunched beside her in the speeding roadster. His chin was long-pointed and his blurred hair under a quaint, round-brimmed hat was whitish in color. Otherwise, The Whisperer was a humble, mild-appearing man with a low, husky voice, hardly above a whisper at any time. Now he glanced over at the maze of railroad switch tracks bordering the highway. The Whisperer emitted a Continue reading


by Clifford Goodrich. Originally Published in The Shadow, November 1 1938. The Whisperer goes after Lin San Fu, the ghost who has already killed five men! The venerable merchants put their heads close together. Their tones were guarded, furtive. "It is to be hoped," the first one breathed, "that the spirit of Lin San Fu will follow his mortal flesh." His companion's straggly beard hobbled in animation. "Aiee!" he agreed, in a voice filled with fear." It is most earnestly to be hoped! It belongs in the ancestral land." Both, then, looked anxiously behind them, padded off into the night of Continue reading


by Clifford Goodrich. Originally Published in The Shadow May 1, 1938. When the Whisperer bumped into himself on the street, all hell broke loose! The first woman who saw the wispy figure grabbed her child and ran into the tenement. The second one pointed her finger at him. She said, "E-e-e-!" Then she fainted. A group of children scattered into various doorways on the squalid street. It was very peculiar. The little figure in gray turned a pointed chin to the spot the children had vacated. He hissed an eerie whispering warning and glided down the street. Eyes looked furtively out of windows. Continue reading