by Emile C. Tepperman. Originally Published in Clues Detective March, 1943. Nellie Gray is paid to deliver a lawyer's briefcase but requires the Avenger's help when thugs capture her! CHAPTER I. THE MIAMI BUS. The plump little man with the frightened eyes boarded the bus at Jacksonville and selected the aisle seat next to Nellie Gray. He mumbled a quick apology, laid his black leather brief case across his knees, and immediately opened a newspaper. He spread it in front of him, effectively hiding his face, and did not move for an hour. Nellie knew he was only pretending to read, for he never Continue reading


by Emile C. Tepperman. Originally Published in The Shadow August 1, 1944. The Avenger is accused of murder, and only a dead man can clear him! Dick Benson turned into Chatham Street from Summer, and a woman in a window somewhere above him screamed, "Look out!" Reacting instinctively to that high-pitched shriek of warning, Benson threw himself forward and to the right, landing up against the building wall, just as something struck the pavement with a ghastly, sickening plop. Benson was on his feet instantly. A single glance was enough to tell him what it was that had come hurtling down from Continue reading