by F. Marion Crawford. from Wandering Ghosts, 1911. A ghostly visage haunts the residents of Bettiscombe Manor.   I have often heard it scream. No, I am not nervous, I am not imaginative, and I never believed in ghosts, unless that thing is one. Whatever it is, it hates me almost as much as it hated Luke Pratt, and it screams at me.   If I were you, I would never tell ugly stories about ingenious ways of killing people, for you never can tell but that some one at the table may be tired of his or her nearest and dearest. I have always blamed myself for Mrs. Pratt's death, Continue reading


by F. Marion Crawford . Originally Published in Colliers Dec. 16, 1905. Robbery, Murder, a lost inheritance, a love triangle ... and the supernatural! We had dined at sunset on the broad roof of the old tower, because it was cooler there during the great heat of summer. Besides, the little kitchen was built at one corner of the great square platform, which made it more convenient than if the dishes had to be carried down the steep stone steps broken in places and everywhere worn with age. The tower was one of those built all down the west coast of Calabria by the Emperor Charles V early in Continue reading