by Henry Kuttner. Originally Published in Planet Stories, August 1944. She spoke in a tongue dead a thousand years, and she had no memory for the man she faced. Yet he had held her tightly but a few short years before, had sworn eternal vengeancewhen she died in his arms from an assassins wounds. HE HAD come back, though he knew what to expect. He had always come back to Klanvahr, since he had been hunted out of that ancient Martian fortress so many years ago. Not often, and always warily, for there was a price on Dantans head, and those who governed the Dry Provinces would have been glad to Continue reading


by Henry Kuttner. from Super Science Stories, vol.3 no.2 November 1941. A stone from the stars kept vigil, and a dead man smiled, as Steve Vane bore a death token from Mercury to the man who had promised him--murder! CHAPTER ONE Stone from the Stars THE noise of pursuit was growing louder. Steve Vane's lungs ached with each knife-thrust, gasping breath of the icy air. His gray prisongarments were no protection against thewintry breeze, and his thin shoes werealready wet with snow and beginning tofreeze. It was hard to keep going. It wouldbe far easier to give up the mad attempt, to stop and Continue reading