by Hume Nisbet. Originally Published in Stories Weird and Wonderful, 1900. Searching for the meaning of life, has he finally found it in the pale raven-haired temptress? It was the exact kind of abode that I had been looking after for weeks, for I was in that condition of mind when absolute renunciation of society was a necessity. I had become diffident of myself, and wearied of my kind. A strange unrest was in my blood; a barren dearth in my brains. Familiar objects and faces had grown distasteful to me. I wanted to be alone. This is the mood which comes upon every sensitive and artistic Continue reading


by Hume Nisbet. Originally Published in The Haunted Station And Other Stories 1894. The spirit of a murdered woman appears during a sance to warn the Whitechapel killer's next victim! It was about the time when spiritualism was all the craze in England, and no party was reckoned complete without a spirit-rapping seance being included amongst the other entertainments. One night I had been invited to the house of a friend, who was a great believer in the manifestations from the unseen world, and who had asked for my special edification a well--known trance medium. 'A pretty as well as Continue reading