by Kenneth Robeson. from Clues-Detective Stories 09/42. For Dick Benson to refuse a killer's demand would mean Nellie Gray's death. And he refused! CHAPTER I. PROWL. The Avenger was on the prowl tonight. Swiftly, the word spread through the slimy alleys and the dark corners of the great city's underworld. Hard men who flaunted the police and scoffed at the law sought hurried cover as the word reached them. At fly-specked bars, in closed and shuttered rooms, men buzzed in furtive whispers: "What's he after? Has anybody got the dope? Who's The Avenger gunning for?" Those were the questions Continue reading


by Kenneth Robeson. Originally published in Clues Detective VOL. XLVII NO. 1, May 1943. A child's voice appeals to The Avenger, and leads him to the deadly trail of the CARGO OF DOOM! CHAPTER I. DON'T CALL THE POLICE! Smitty was away in Washington when the phone call came in at Justice, Inc., and the other members of The Avenger's staff were dispersed over the four parts of the world, so that only Benson himself and Nellie Gray were on hand. The voice over the phone was that of a child. Benson, as he answered the call, estimated that she was barely more than nine or ten. She talked with a Continue reading