by Leigh Brackett. Originally Published in Planet Stories February 1942. Falken vowed he'd kill himself before the psycho-search could pick his brain of information about the Unregenerates! Eric Falken stood utterly still, staring down at his leashed and helpless hands on the controls of the spaceship Falcon. The red lights on his indicator panel showed Hiltonist ships in a three-dimensional half-moon, above, behind, and below him. Pincer jaws, closing fast. The animal instinct of escape prodded him, but he couldn't obey. He had fuel enough for one last burst of speed. But there was no way Continue reading


by Leigh Brackett. Originally Published in Planet Stories Winter, 1942. MacVickers glimpsed a dark tentacled shape on the catwalk above, just before the shattering electricity coursed through him! CHAPTER I CHAPTER II CHAPTER III CHAPTER I MacVickers stopped at the brink of the dark round shaft. It was cold, and he was stark naked except for the silver collar welded around his neck. But it was more than cold that made him shiver and clamp his long bony jaw. He didn't know what the shaft was for, or where it led. But he had a sudden feeling that once he went down he was down for good. The Continue reading


by Leigh Brackett. Originally Published in Planet Stories, Summer 1941. Making Venus safe for colonists turns out to be an extremely dangerous job for Tex and his partner Breska! Tex stirred uneasily where he lay on the parapet, staring into the heavy, Venusian fog. The greasy moisture ran down the fort wall, lay rank on his lips. With a sigh for the hot, dry air of Texas, and a curse for the adventure-thirst that made him leave it, he shifted his short, steel-hard body and wrinkled his sandy-red brows in the never-ending effort to see. A stifled cough turned his head. He whispered, "Hi, Continue reading