by Otis Adelbert Kline. Originally Published in Fantastic Story, September 1953. A simple help wanted ad leads an expert climber to the elixir of life --- or is it? Bleary-eyed and unkempt, with a three days' growth of beard covering his lean jowls, his threadbare suit unpressed and baggy, Fred "Fly" Jorgeson shuffled to the park bench, sat down heavily, and sighed dejectedly. Jorgeson had seen better days--much better. For years he had made a splendid living with his "Human Fly" act, climbing the sides of skyscrapers as an advertising stunt while crowds gaped, watching for him to fall. He Continue reading


by Otis Adelbert Kline. from Amazing Stories Vol. 5, No. 7 - oct, 1930. Archaelogists encounter a mysterious Moon worshipper while exploring Crater Mound. WE stood on the eastern rim of Crater Mound—my friend Professor Thompson, the noted selenographer, and I. Dusky shadows lengthened and grew more intense in the great, deep basin before us, as the Sun, his face reddened as if from his day's exertions, sank slowly beyond the western rim. Behind us, Alamo Edwards, the dude wrangler who had brought us out from Canyon Diabolo two weeks before, was dividing his time between the chuck wagon Continue reading