by Russell Thorndyke. Originally published in 1915. Contents  1. Dymchurch-under-the-wall  2. The Coming of the Kings Frigate  3. The Coming of the Kings Men  4. The Captain  5. A Bottle of Alsace Lorraine  6. Doctor Syn Takes Cold  7. Clegg the Buccaneer  8. Dogging the Schoolmaster  9. The End of Sennacherib Pepper 10.Doctor Syn Gives Some Advice 11.The Court House Inquiry 12.The Captain Objects 13.The End of the Inquiry 14.At the Vicarage 15.A Landed Proprietor Sets Up a Gallows Tree 16.The Schoolmasters Suit 17.The Doctor Sings a Song 18.Behind the Shutters 19.The Captains Continue reading