by Stanley G. Weinbaum. Originally Published in Wonder Stories July, 1934. An explorer's rocket crashes hundreds of miles from base and he's forced to trek across the Martian wasteland for home! Jarvis stretched himself as luxuriously as he could in the cramped general quarters of the Ares. "Air you can breathe!" he exulted. "It feels as thick as soup after the thin stuff out there!" He nodded at the Martian landscape stretching flat and desolate in the light of the nearer moon, beyond the glass of the port. The other three stared at him sympathetically—Putz, the engineer, Leroy, the Continue reading


by Stanley G. Weinbaum. Originally Published in Wonder Stories November, 1934. While traveling to retrieve the film Jarvis took before his rocket crashed into the Thyle highlands of Mars, the men find a strange, deserted city thousands of years old! Captain Harrison of the Ares expedition turned away from the little telescope in the bow of the rocket. "Two weeks more, at the most," he remarked. "Mars only retrogrades for seventy days in all, relative to the earth, and we've got to be homeward bound during that period, or wait a year and a half for old Mother Earth to go around the sun and Continue reading


by Stanley G. Weinbaum. Originally Published in Thriling Wonder Stories December, 1938. Amherst was one of the hundreds of collectors for the giant company, but collecting was never like this! Bob Amherst shivered a little despite the heated interior of the autobus, but grinned none the less as he made out the frosty towers of Hydropole. He was always glad to return to the polar city, if only for the pleasure of staring up at buildings piled story upon story like those of his native Syracuse on a gray planet some half a billion miles sunward. Hydropole, south polar city of Jupiter's third Continue reading