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Corona Survival Guide with Wim Hof & Russell Brand | Full Length Podcast

Under The Skin with Wim Hof aka The Iceman! How relevant and valuable are Wim Hof's incredible breathing and meditative techniques during this pandemic and time of lockdowns and self isolation. Have you tried his method?
Check it out here:
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Sam's mushroom trip
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The covid-19 tests are for genes that if found individually result in a negative test, but found together result in a positive test. What are the chances of it being two false positives? How accurate are these tests? 86% of infected show no symptoms, sounds like BULLSHIT to me. It's exactly like the HIV hoax! Guys, the chances of a bacteria mutating to survive in a new species is very small, but the chances of a virus mutating across species is ZERO. It has never happened, never will happen, and probably never could happen. The only way humans can get a virus or flu from another species is if it is injected into them, period. And the chances of it going across species multiple times? It can not happen, ever. Dogs, cats, sheep, pigs, and others have tested positive for this COVID-19. It's fucking impossible. All signs point to the testing being a false positive. It's just like the HIV hoax. West Nile Virus, SARS, AIDS, and Hepatitis C are all invented by the CDC. The testing is even similar to HIV, which is fake. The statistics make ABSOLUTELY NO SENSE. Watch this documentary House of Numbers on how the CDC and world governments invented the AIDS epidemic out of nowhere.

Do NOT get tested. Do NOT take any drugs they give you. And for the love of jesus christ up above in heaven DO NOT GET VACCINATED. Thousands of people died to the h1n1 vaccine. The spanish flu was created by vaccinations. All viruses are symbiotic with humans in that they detoxify the body of toxic cells to prevent aging, especially in the respiratory system. They have been evolving with us for billions of years. They are manufactured within the cells. They are not foreign invaders that hijack your cell's reproductive process. It is a symbiotic process. They are as much a part of us as the rest of our immune system. ANY deadly virus is either man-made from vaccines or made up.
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Persistence of Coronaviruses on surfaces
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Flu vs COVID-19 death rate, by age
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NYC government wants people to masturbate
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What can we do about the coronavirus (COVID-19)?

Your family and community need you to:
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Men are more likely to have small testicles and a low sperm count if they eat junk food, a study has found.

Research shows those who eat a diet rich in fish, chicken, fruit, veg and water produce the most sperm and have the biggest testicles.
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Health Center
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High-profile investor Jeremy Grantham warned in a letter that falling birth rates in the developed world could accelerate in coming years due to increasing chemical toxicity, allowing only wealthy people to have children.

In recent years, economists have raised concern about the impact on economic growth of slowing birth rates in the developed world. Grantham, who co-founded GMO in the 1970s and is famous for calling the last two major market bubbles, said that trend is poised to accelerate due to increased chemical toxicity in the environment and food products.

“This interference is growing at such a rapid rate that if left alone it is likely to leave us sterile in a few decades with only the rich able to easily afford the healthy lifestyles and the exotic medical help required to have babies,” Grantham said.

While acknowledging that changes in lifestyle choices is responsible for at least some of the slowing birth rates, Graham said increased chemical toxicity is making it harder for women to conceive and lowering sperm counts in men.
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Experience: I get drunk without drinking

It was while dressed as Mr Potato Head one Halloween that I realised something was wrong…
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The "MYSTERIOUS" Vaping Illness Calmly Explained
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Social media users are spreading a dangerous conspiracy theory that says drinking a bleach concoction will prevent contracting the 2019 coronavirus strain at the center of a current outbreak.
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Fitness Experts Debunk 17 Exercise Myths