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What causes white supremacist beliefs?


I've used this one before.

"If an African can move to France and become French, how long would it take you to turn Chinese if you moved to China."


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As an Australian, we see the Chinese come here, get all the perks of our society, drive up property prices then steal out fucking medical supplies and send them back to China during a pandemic. Yet no one gives a shit because the media is bought, politicians are bought and universities are bought by the CCP.


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World war 1
World war 2

Protestants Vs Catholics
Let us look for a moment at the number of victims sacrificed on the altars of the Christian Moloch: – 1,000,000 perished during the early Arian schism; 1,000,000 during the Carthaginian struggle; 7,000,000 during the Saracen slaughters. In Spain 5,000,000 perished during the eight Crusades; 2,000,000 of Saxons and Scandinavians lost their lives in opposing the introduction of the blessings of Christianity. 1,000,000 were destroyed in the Holy Wars against the Netherlands, Albigenses, Waldenses, and Huguenots. 30,000,000 Mexicans and Peruvians were slaughtered ere they could be convinced of the beauties of the Christian creed. 9,000,000 were burned for witchcraft. Total, 56,000,000.


What makes us better than niggers? No other race killed their own more than white people.

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