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George Harrison - What Is Life (Official Music Video)

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Health Wagon to hold health fairs in Wise, Clintwood, and Clinchco in March






So Where Are We With Solid State Batteries? | Answers With Joe


You Have NO Choice - George Carlin

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Studies have shown that people with jetpacks were on average 92.4% much happier with their lives.
The Prince of Milk Paperback ► https://tinyurl.com/y7q4zoaa


AXIOS on HBO: President Trump Exclusive Interview (Full Episode) | HBO


M83 Oblivion Soundtrack (OST) Extended Mix 10 min


Dreams - Fleetwood Mac (cover)


How COVID Accelerates the Arrival of our Future - Sam Harris joins Yang Speaks


Yang was right!

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Men less likely to wear face masks because they're 'not cool' and 'a sign of weakness'

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Arizona: Muslim Students Threaten to Kill Prof for Suggesting Islam Is Violent

"It goes without saying," says Damask, "that I will not apologize for anything, that it is perfectly appropriate to discuss Islam, Muhammad, the Quran, the hadiths and any other matter related to Islamic terrorism. Incidentally: there has been no official complaint, no due process for me, just a mad scramble by the school to appease Islam."

Damask's introduction to the new Leftist academic world in which identity trumps truth has been bitter. "The College," he says, "has displayed an appalling lack of respect toward my rights; it has essentially engaged in defamation by terming my course material inaccurate, insensitive and that I have violated the College's values; has denied my civil rights through waiving any and all due process procedures; violated my First Amendment rights by demanding I make an apology to the student; and violated my First Amendment and civil rights by demanding I alter my course material. Further and perhaps worse, I believe the school has effectively encouraged and permitted these threats to be made against me when the school could have immediately put a stop to them, which is tantamount to allowing mob threats against me."


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Woman arrested after calling cops to report fire in her crotch
Morgan asked the cops if the fire department's "hose is working" and said, "I need somebody to come put it out with their hose," according to the outlet.

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