Mutant calf with human face shocks farmers after being born in Argentina

A deformed calf dazed ranchers with its human-like face. A local taped a clasp of the freak creature in the small town of Villa Ana, in Argentina, with the recording later posted on YouTube. Unfortunately, the animal was brought into the world with a little nose and mouth and attempted to hold up its head. It evidently had a distorted skull and died within several hours of its introduction to the world, reports state. Read more Continue reading

North Carolina braces for another flood of hog poop

t’s emerging as an annual rite: A massive hurricane roars across North Carolina and deposits epic amounts of water on the state’s coastal plain, home to a tangle of rivers intertwined with one of the globe’s most intense concentrations of industrial-scale hog and chicken operations. What could go wrong? Well, in 2018, extreme rains and flooding from Hurricane Florence inundated the region, killing millions of chickens and thousands of hogs and overtopping at least 49 manure “lagoons”—open cesspits that store hog’s feces and urine. In the aftermath, positive tests for E. coli and Continue reading

Man broke into Taylor Swift's home, took off shoes

WESTERLY, R.I. (AP) — Police say a man who broke into Taylor Swift's beachfront mansion in Rhode Island took his shoes off because he wanted to be polite. Westerly police who responded to the home just after 5 p.m. Friday found 26-year-old Richard Joseph McEwan inside. Police Chief Shawn Lacey tells The Westerly Sun the Milford, New Jersey man wasn't wearing shoes. When asked why, he said he was always taught to take his shoes off when entering someone's home to be polite. Read more Continue reading

Third most powerful Vatican official found guilty of child rape

Third Most Powerful Vatican Official Found Guilty of Child Rape August 22, 2019 Cardinal George Pell, the former third most powerful Vatican official and Australia’s most senior Catholic official, has been convicted of child sexual abuse in a Melbourne court trial. The verdict was delivered on December 11 but is subject to a suppression order until now, while a previous trial on the same five charges resulted in a hung jury – leading to a retrial. Cardinal Pell, the Vatican’s Treasurer, was found guilty of sexually penetrating a child under the age of 16, along with four charges of an Continue reading