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[18-03-2020 WHO claimed in January Wuhan virus could not be transmitted to humans, because China said it was not contagious, destroyed evidence]

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Like its something I never thought about until I was mid 20's early 30's.

Imagine living somewhere where your government takes subhuman slaves imported from a foreign land, gives them freedom, citizenship, gradually takes away any right to segregate your women and children from them, and FORCES you to integrate....with a completely different, savage species of "human".

They are then coddled and given free food, free housing, free healthcare, free college, free just about everything.

Despite this they continue to fail in all aspects of society. And continue to blame all white people. They continue to not want to integrate or adapt to white culture, and have the inferior Gaul to want to push their nigger culture on everyone. (I mean, they are rewarded by jews for it, but they do it great naturally on their own)

They then naturally form gangs and bring in drugs, crime, robbery, theft, violence which festers in their nigger communities.

Then they are then protected by the police force, who hand out punishment totally based on how convenient it is for them.

The white man would have never allowed such communities to fester and multiply into what we have today.

History is then skewed, like I'm sure the KKK were just putting burning crosses on well-to-do black families, and not the trouble causing, white women harassing, drug dealing niggers. Every modern media has shown a healthy, well to do mother - father - children huddling in fear in their house while the evil white people just targeted them mercilessly and randomly.
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Say something nice about his performance.

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I'm becoming increasingly convinced that this is the truth. The only thing that can save us, is Divine Intervention. Whites are the creators of everything. (Only) Our collective consciousness has a metaphysical effect on the world.

As our suffering and persecution increases, we will immanentize the eschaton through our despair and cry for impossible salvation (prayer). This will manifest physically in what many will think is an absurd idea:

Surviving Nazi UFOs will come to kick ass, defeat Talmudism and start a new age of Germanic truth, righteousness and justice. They will pretend it's an alien invasion, and it will catalyze their attempt to further centralize all power.

But they will be defeated, because ultimately truth prevails (at least I fucking hope it does. I've lived through nothing but decline since I was born, and I'm absolutely tired of it)

Heil Christ

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all politics is horse shit
all religions are horse shit
>live in groups
>protect your groups
>make babies

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