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Embed: Joe Biden - 17 Minutes Of Joe's Melting Brain–(YouTube)
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I support a $15 minimum wage for amazon, google, apple, facebook, and any large company that operates across more than a couple states.
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This would be slightly better. The whole minimum wage debate is like flies to honey for midwits because the actual problem is very multifaceted, but every dipshit thinks there's one band aid solution that won't have any negative reaction. Cranking up min wage across the board is going to fuck up small businesses more than help hands down. The only places that are going to be able to roll with the punches with higher min wage are the places that are already making millions off paying shit wages. Wal Mart and Amazon can shrug off paying employees more, your family run gas station up the street cannot suddenly double wages of everyone working there. Same goes for hobby stores, and really Grocery stores are at rock fucking bottom already, although that is mostly from inflation.

Inflation is another problem that has been occurring that cranking up min wage won't necessarily help. Grocery is an industry I know well enough to speak on, but I'm sure there is more. If you may notice, any grocery store built before like 1995 has about 11-14 more checkouts than necessary. That's because there was a time where they could afford to run all checkouts. As inflation as slowly risen, the equivalent value of goods hasn't really changed, that means grocery stores had to start cutting costs somewhere, and seeing that grocery is a penny profit business, workforce took the first bullet. Also why grocery stores spearheaded the self checkout options. When Wal Mart got a jew hair up its ass and began taking a loss on grocery it definitely fucked over most grocery chains. Anything still around these days has a deathgrip on a cunt hair to stay in business.Raising minimum wage also will not stop people from hiring spics for 3 dollars an hour, and it won't stop companies from importing pajeets to undercut middle class tech.
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Consolidation of industries, offshoring, outsourcing, doubling the labor pool by working women, increasing labor pool by illegal labor.

All of these are issues. CEO pay is bad but a tiny slice of a large pie and an easy scapegoat for the room temp IQ.

Embed: Why we can't accept cancel culture–(YouTube)
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Embed: Genders, Rights and Freedom of Speech–(YouTube)
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Jordan Peterson, a psychology professor at the University of Toronto, posted a YouTube video criticizing the proposed Bill C-16, which adds gender identity and gender expression to the list of prohibited grounds of discrimination. His video caused concern and sparked conversation. The Agenda convenes a panel to ask: Is the legislation a matter of human rights or a case of legal overreach that threatens freedom of speech?

Embed: Doctor Exposes Transgender Propaganda | The Daily Signal–(YouTube)
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Dr. Michael Laidlaw an Endocrinologist from California explains the devastating effects that puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones, and surgical modifications can have on children's developing bodies.

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