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Embed: Biden vs Alex Trebek (comedian K-von says... This Is Jeopardy!)–(YouTube)
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Embed: Wealth Inequality in America–(YouTube)
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Infographics on the distribution of wealth in America, highlighting both the inequality and the difference between our perception of inequality and the actual numbers. The reality is often not what we think it is.

Embed: Understanding the Political Scenario of INDIA,CANADA,JAPAN,CHINA,USA, FRANCE etc–(YouTube)
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Embed: JUST IN: Kristi Noem rips Joe Biden in CPAC 2021 speech–(YouTube)
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Embed: Comedians Tried to Warn You of Biden's Stupidity - Get to Know The Puppet–(YouTube)
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Biden Bumbles 1st Town Hall (K-von compares him to Mr. Burns from The Simpsons)–(YouTube)

Embed: Yuri Bezmenov's warning to America (Reaction)–(YouTube)
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File: 1614381648489.png–(603.94KB, 888x705, 1614367634482.png)
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Transgender medicine is a very complex and nuanced field.

Embed: House GOP Leader: Democrats are THREATENING Fox News, free speech–(YouTube)
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1614349380119.png–(219.92KB, 422x322, Screenshot_2021-02-26_09-22-28.png)

Embed: Walter Williams: Suffer No Fools - Full Video–(YouTube)
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On the major social and political issues of our time, Walter Williams is one of America’s most important and provocative thinkers. He is black, yet he opposes affirmative action. He believes that the Civil Rights Act was a major error, that the minimum wage actually creates unemployment and that occupational and business licensure and industry regulation work against minorities and others in American business. Perhaps most importantly he has come to believe that it has been the welfare state that has done to black Americans what slavery could never do: destroy the black family. Walter Williams expresses all of these provocative ideas and more in this new public television documentary produced by Free To Choose Network.

The program features material drawn from extensive contemporary interviews with Dr. Williams as well as appearances by authors and scholars: Shelby Steele, Thomas Sowell, Douglas Ginsberg and others. A rich archive of photographs and motion pictures supports this uniquely American story.

The program traces Walter Williams rise from a child of the Philadelphia housing projects to become one of America’s most important authors and commentators and features the events of the 1960's when Walter Williams realized "black people cannot make great progress until they understand the economic system." It was then that he concluded that what America needed was to heed the words and the ideas of the Constitution.
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Walter Edward Williams (March 31, 1936 – December 2, 2020) was an American economist, commentator, and academic.

Embed: Deceit - A TLDR visual of "Color, Communism and Common Sense"–(YouTube)
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Thomas Sowell: https://youtu.be/4rUc2o97lKU
Thomas Sowell x2: https://youtu.be/nzdJa8NZZ74
Walter Williams: https://youtu.be/Nw-PwfRPMdE
G. Edward Griffin: https://youtu.be/bxTT86u8DjY
Clarence Thomas: https://youtu.be/ZURHD5BU1o8
Shelby Steele: https://youtu.be/9mbKRvED41g
Malcom X: https://youtu.be/9hm8wXZmRD8
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WAKE UP!–(YouTube)

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