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If these 9 electrical substations go out, the entirety of the continental United States would be out of power for 18 months. The Department of Homeland Security claims that if this happens, up to 90% of the population would die.

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Which country has the best anthem?

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20 more years?


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Any idea what she's doing between now and 2024?
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Me I wish.

File: 1613728345556.jpg–(78.84KB, 720x487, 1613726232178.jpg)
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Was western ideology doomed from the start? What went so wrong with the western world? Are Leftist the reason why everything went to shit? Or both sides deserve to be blamed? Consumerism and materialsim seems to have played a big role and leftist blame capitalism. To me it seems like leftist are more materialistic then conservatives and yet the blame capitalism for their problems. Would western society be as good as in the 50s if western government would be authoritarian right? Did liberals ruin western society?

File: 1613724242260.png–(344.49KB, 549x659, 1613720908436.png)
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The the police officer who died at the capitol protests died of a stroke and not because of being killed by Trump supporters.

File: 1613723981124.jpg–(567.01KB, 1080x1946, 1613720305664.jpg)
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Iran announced back in June that it will be leaving the NPT kicking out the IAEA's observers. As the deadline for that decision approaches Iran affirmed once again that in three days it will resign from the NPT. Meanwhile Biden called Netanyahu two days ago for the first time since taking office to most likely take permission for dealing with this issue. The next day they announced that they are retreating from Ttump's assertion that all of UN sanctions have been reimposed on Iran. Iran responded very coldly to this and one of Khamenei's trusted people said the time for empty words is gone and n three days, either all the sanctions will be lifted "in practice" or Iran will leave the NPT and kick out all IAEA's observers. Rouhani and his gang are working around the clock to stop this development and bring the 5+1 back into the deal but they have lost any influence domestically and the leader and IRGC have decided to go ahead with north Korea-fication of Iran.

Biden stupidly assumed that he can wait until the next election in Iran to deal with the new government in Tehran which will most likely be conservative but now he sees that there is no more time left on the clock.

File: 1613683968434.jpg–(41.47KB, 512x600, 152237107_2237244373076640_5370099535231684438_o.j)
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