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I doubled majored in math and C.S., getting a B.S. in both (for you retards out there, that's pretty difficult. B.S. programs introduce you to masters level courses unlike a B.A.) Graduated with a 3.4, not amazing but good. I then decided for some reason that I should apply for a masters program in mathematics.

I got into an ivy league (FYI, much easier to get into ivys for graduate programs because so few apply, but much harder for popular programs like MBAs, MFAs, etc) and dropped out after 3 months. While I *probably* could have gotten through the program gritting my teeth, it was just too much and I actually felt overwhelmed for the first time in my life. I thought it would just "look good" on my resume to have a masters in math from an Ivy league, but my fellow students were doing it because they truly excelled at math and wanted careers related to it or to pursue research.

I was outclassed. I wasn't the worst in my classes but I was bottom 4 for sure. It was humiliating, embarrassing, and pulling out was the best option.

Well, this is how black people feel in NORMAL, EVERY DAY white society. They have smaller brains, smaller frontal cortexes, less complex folds, and literally less grey matter to white matter than whites or asians. They LITERALLY cannot compete in or manage NORMAL white society. Can you imagine the kind of stress this causes? I know, because I was completely outclassed in an ivy league masters math program, but the thing is I could leave. Black people can't leave, they're forced to stay and be "bottom of the class" perpetually, and they're subject to every humiliation that comes from permanent inferiority.

Wouldn't you lash out too, if you were in their shoes? Wouldn't you go "muh dick" all the time, if you had nothing else to be proud of? Stress induced by low social status/accomplishment is real (as I'm sure most of you here are accustomed with) now imagine being black and being genetically at the bottom.

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