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File: 1618009156655.png–(1.79MB, 1700x948, 1618004853650.png)
Floyd has the inner health of a fucking 90 year old. An entire lifestyle that gave him a NINETY PERCENT blockage of his coronary artery...in his fucking FORTIES.

He was on multiple drugs. He possibly was ACUTELY on drugs at the time of his arrest, being that they found drugs in the fucking police car, partly dissolved or ingested.

He just went threw an adrenaline and physical exertion marathon by struggling with police, while on drugs, and having the health of someone who would be near death by VASCULAR standards.

He realized his system was shutting down, he knew it. He knew his heart was giving out. He died. And they are trying to pin the SOLE BLAME on Chauvin having a knee on his scapula, or the BASE of the neck area.

BULLSHIT. I'm calling fucking BULLSHIT

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