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File: 1618009801286.jpg–(77.95KB, 1000x1000, 1618006042957.jpg)
>washing your ass with running water after you take a shit, the same way you'd clean literally anything else, including the rest of your skin
This confuses and terrifies the American. Seriously, no fucking wonder America is so fucked up. 300,000,000+ people walking around with their own dingleberries greasing the insides of their asscheeks as they waddle around.
>but muh wiping with sheets of dried, bleached wood pulp is fine!
No, retard. Just no.
>but muh wet wipes!
So the same thing as toilet paper, now with increased cost and added jew chemicals.
>but muh running water is homosexual!
Perhaps the worst of the arguments.

No wonder Americans feel the need to shave their pubes and ass hair and trim their foreskins off, they are filthy animals who can't into basic hygiene.

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