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File: 1633963206346.jpg–(130.50KB, 1080x911, 1633962301948.jpg)
Shia Mosque in Kunduz was bombed Yesterday by a Uyghur, ISKP member. Severed head found in Nangahar - Both Taliban and ISKP accounts have claimed responsibility for the incident.
Two members of the government police were killed by unknown persons east of Daraa.
The House of Peoples Representatives has approved the nomination of Ministerial level cabinet members. Abraham Belay from Tigray region is Defense Minister.
Clashes on the al-Mashjah front in the western Ma'rib countryside. Dozens of Houthi casualties.
>Iran - Azerbaijan
Iranians met with Armenian MoD - Iran wants to go to war with Azeristan and have threatened to recapture Artsakh. War in 2 weeks confirmed.

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