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It has lots of potential:

> Mexico is the most important and relevant country in Latin America
> Most visited country in Latin America with almost 40 million tourists
> Biggest skyscraper in Latin America
> Country that has more world heritage sites throughout America
> Country with the best food in America considered intangible heritage of humanity
> Country with the most valuable and recognized brands in Latin America
> Country with the longest coasts in Latin America
> Mexico City has the largest number of museums in the world after London
> Country with the largest number of singers, artists, successful musicians in Latin America, the Mariachi is considered a world heritage site
> Country with the largest amount of goods and services in Latin America
> Country with the largest and best university in Latin America


> Country that consumes the most and with the largest market for video games, anime, manga in Latin America.
> Country with the most modern and largest city in Latin America (CDMX)
> Country with the largest number of Mesoamerican archeological sites
> Country with the best business climate and open a business in Latin America
> Most industrialized and advanced country in Latin America
> Country with the most complex economy in Latin America
> Largest country for electronic commerce in Latin America
> Country with the greatest representation in video games, anime and movies
> Only country that stands out in all Latino America

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